Where you can see me spanked right now

Well, as promised I would tell you the site that I did a spankling shoot for following the Shadow Lane party. I did a shoot for the firt time for Bad Tushy. I was spanked by the beautiful Francesca Lee and the sexy Kayla Quinn, known as Ms. Law. We shot three scenes, one with hand, one belt, and one paddle. I had a good time and met some cool people. Hopefully they will shoot with me again next time I am out that way. Oh, and by the way, they are calling me Tina on the site for some reason. I guess they like to change people’s names.



Also see a current video I shot with Chelsea Pfeiffer, Deliberate Provocation, now on Good Spanking

And on Punished Brats this week, I get spanked by Beverly Bacci in a video, Keys in the Door. She is my roommate and I keep leaving the keys in the door after she has reminded me several times not to.


Don’t forget I have a clips4sale store. In it, there are new updates including scenes from the video I shot with Dana Specht, Sarah’s Summer Spankings, and a scene from Bad Ballerina, shot with Stephanie Locke.

You can still order the DVD, Sarah’s Summer Spankings. An hour long, six hard spanking from Dana Specht with hand, hairbrush, and ruler. Email me at sarahgregory02@gmail.com. It is $39 + shipping.

8 thoughts on “Where you can see me spanked right now

  1. tim

    Sarah ah you will be on bad tushy being spanked shall enjoy that when readyit is one of the many spanks ones i subscribe to ,any news on your new website /////////? LOVE AND BIG SPANKS FROM TIM XX

  2. Tom

    I’m really impressed with Deliberate Provocation, and honestly can’t think of a better spanking movie. I just love your expressions and the emotions you bring forth in this one, and the chemistry. This one is a rare gem, I think.

  3. Lord Hard Hand


    I hate repeating myself but, awsome work! Great pics. All these are marvelous. You look great in every single one. One of these centuries I’ll order the DVDs.

  4. AK

    Hi Sarah
    As always the pictures are great,I love the ones with you and Beverly and you look pretty good
    over Dana Specht’s knee.
    Take care

  5. Dr. Ken

    Dear Sarah,
    Or should that be “Tina”? Why anyone would do a shoot with you and not trumpet “…with SARAH GREGORY” is beyond me…..of course, I’m biased. 🙂
    And hey, it’s their site, so they can do what they want, but still…..

    Dr. Ken

  6. Santa

    Ak says that you look pretty good? I would say you look marvelous, your bare ass and your lips showing are so very hot. You have a nice set of cheeks on you girl..Had to read that post about three times, I had too many shots tonight. I may have lost my mind but I still have taste.

  7. hairbrushman

    Hi Sarah, I first saw you on the shadow lane site. I think you are very pretty and have a cute bottom. I wa wondering have you ever cried on film. If so which titles?


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