Shadow Lane – Back to School Party 2009

Since I have so many blog posts in mind for the next few weeks, I am going to try and fit all of my Shadow Lane adventures into one post. It will be primarily a photo diary of my time there as I am so totally wiped out and jet lagged but tonight is like the only time I have to post this week. I got back to back rehearsals for the play I am in right now, The King and I, and I have to work more than ever right now. Plus coming back from almost a week away, well there are always a million things to do it seems.

Wednesday September 2nd – I flew into LAX. Clare Fonda’s Cameraman picked me up at the airport and we grabbed some dinner at Hooters in Hollywood before attending Clare’s comedy show at the world famous Comedy Store. She MCs quite a lot these days and I must say, she is so very talented as a comedian. There is nothing that she can’t do it seems. I mean come on, she runs some of the best spanking sites, she is a super funny and experienced comedian in LA, she is so real and genuine and let’s just face it, most people in this crazy world ain’t so real and seem to be afraid to share all, she also is just a good friend and fun person to be around.

I must say that out of all the comedians, she made me laugh the most and she even threw in a spanking joke….because me and cameraman were there.

Thursday September 3rd.
– Cameraman picks me and Clare up and we drive to Vegas. The ride was super hot and let’s just say the air conditioner in the volvo was having issues especially going through the desert you gotta turn it off occasionally or your car would over heat. At least we stopped for food and got some real AC there. We arrived in Vegas around 6:30pm and Clare had few passes to see a movie, so we saw Inglourious Basterds. I have mixed feelings on the movie, but won’t get into them on here. Let’s just say I am glad I saw it, but wouldn’t be sad if I never watched it again. On the way through of the beautiful Suncoast hotel on the way to the movie we ran into various attendees and spankos whom I recognized. It was so excited to be recognized and run into fans and friends.

Friday September 4th – We woke up and had a wonderful breakfast and then got ready to shoot. I had agreed to trade shooting with Clare Fonda for a room to stay, rides to and from the airport, and food to eat. It was a great deal for both parties. I got to have a super fun and low stress financial time in Vegas and got to also shoot some super cool scenes with Clare Fonda, Jenni Mac, and Miss Chris. All people I love to be on set with.

We shot a bunch of scenes for My Spanking Roommate that day. I got spanked by Jenni Mac, it was her first time topping on camera by the way and by Miss Chris. I also topped Jenni in one scene. Clare got it good and hard from Miss Chris as well. You can’t miss these great scenes on My Spanking Roommate, the spanking soap opera like site part of the Clare Fonda Pass.

(Photos to come soon)

We also shot another scene, just Clare and I. This scene idea was one that I had been mentioning to Clare for a few months and it was very exciting to finally be able to shoot it. It was based on a true story but it was the, how I would have liked the story to go. It is a scene where Clare is playing my therapist. It was a very emotionally powerful scene and I shed real tears. It should be available soon on Spanked Sweeties.

That night was the Back to School themed vendor’s fair and party. The buffet had yummy food and there were lots of vendor’s. I helped out at Clare’s table to promote her sites and sell her DVDs. She spanked me good and hard in front of her table to get a crowd and boy did we get a crowd
but what really drew over more people was me spanking Clare. I finally got the honor of spanking Clare Fonda and she even admits I am one hard spanker. It was the biggest crowd she has had watch her publicly being spanked she said to me.

Everyone looked so good in their school girl attire.

Especially one school girl spanked by another…hmmm what could have been the circumstance…you guess..

I was so happy to see one of my favorite spankers….the gorgeous Chelsea Pfeiffer of Good Spanking. I had only just found out recently that Chelsea and Larry would be attending so I was super excited when I saw them.

I also was excited to see my new friend Ian, The London Tanner. I have now seen him at most of the parties that I have been attending. We are becoming better friends the more we chat and hang out. He is super cool.

I had so much fun going around to the suite parties and getting spanked. One woman who goes by the name of Red spanked me. She said that she is a bottom. but yes, I somehow managed to be her first bottom. She has a very maternal way about herself that I quite liked. Her hand was very bruised after her go at my bottom. I hope she will spank me again one day.

Saturday September 5th – I slept in today as I was out most of the night playing. We went to lunch when I got up, then came back to the room and hung out. Chelsea stopped by and later, Emily and Zille. After we all hung out and talked, me, Clare, and Cameraman got ready for a short mommy and daddy scene we were doing for Spanked Sweeties.

After shooting we were all ready to go down to “prom” night at Shadow Lane. We decided to wear our dresses for the shoot so we were all ready. I searched and searched and found the perfect dress. It fit me like a glove and it got quite the many looks…just as I had expected….heehee.

At the party, I got to talk with and see my friend, Erica Scott.
I wish I had spent more time with her. She is such a nice person. I seemed to be so busy and trying to fit so much in all weekend that I kinda wished I spent more time just talked to certain individuals, her being one of them.

I had so much fun at the party dancing. I have recently been taking West Coast Swing and Salsa dance lessons and when the DJ announced that we were going to do some West Coast swing, I got all excited. A few fellows there knew how to lead west coat, so I had a blast. I also danced a couple salsa’s as well. I was so tired out after all the dancing that I left the ballroom before it was over to begin my spanking fun. I realized that I prob would not want to stay up as late as i did the night before, so I wanted to get the spanking going early. I went with Chelsea and Larry to their hotel room for some more mommy, daddy type spankings.


After another long night of spanking, I slept like a baby.

Sunday September 6th – We drove back to Vegas. When we got back, Clare dropped me off at one of my fave stores in L.A., Ross, to do some shopping because its not like I don’t have enough clothing. I bought some cute shoes, a dress, and some tops. We got some subs at Subway and went back to her place to watch a movie. We wanted to watch Femes Desade, but it was a burned copy and the DVD player would not play the disc (maybe next time), so we settled for The Texas Chainsaw Masacre. It was really scary and Clare had to leave the room a few times and decided to do the dishes instead of be freaked out by the movie. Come on Clare, if you can take The Sinful Dwarf, then you should certainly be able to watch this one.

All in all I had a great weekend in Vegas at Shadow Lane and in L.A. at Clare’s place.

Stay tuned for me to reveal to you the spanking company that I shot with in L.A. on Monday the 7th. I have never shot for them before and I had a great time as always. I love shooting spanking films and I have not had a bad experience yet.

11 thoughts on “Shadow Lane – Back to School Party 2009

  1. YoShI

    i found ur blog.
    i was able to enjoy shadowlane party on the coattails of you. thank you.

    Buru Buru ( )( )

    YoShiI from Japan

  2. Spankedhortic

    There seem to be far fewer bloggers that made it to the Labour day party this year. Thanks for this account, it was very interesting and it sounds like you had a blast.

    I’m not surprised that you and Ms Fonda drew such a crowd at the vendors fair 🙂


  3. tim

    Sarah great pics of you and the other girls wow .look forward to your vids wonder who you did a vid withkept secret for now naughty girl stlll youll tell us soon ,love and big spanks from tim xxx

  4. IrishRed

    LOL … I got into this thing we do in order to escape from my “take charge” life and set aside kids and responsibility for just a little while. Seems I can no more shed my maternal instincts than I can shed my own skin. I had a blast, kiddo. You should be proud of yourself, taking NYIrishRed … a notorious bottom since I first typed in the word spanking … and turning her into a top for a little while. It was fun and you are adorable, and I may actually ask some people how to prevent my hand from turning purple afterwards, just in case the opportunity arises again.

    IrishRed—waving to Yoshi, too 🙂

  5. JC

    Well done Sarah. I must say that you have one of the most enjoyable blogs that I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. I’ve yet to attend a Shadowlane party, but after reading about your adventures…it makes me more interested in going. Keep up the great work…

    Best Regards,


  6. AK

    Hi Sarah
    Love the pictures, you certainly got spanked a lot
    and did you really give Clare a spanking?
    You and Erica look so beautiful together in the
    photo above, she is a super lady.

    As Always
    Love AK

  7. Sarah Gregory Post author

    Yoshi – So glad you found my blog and it was so nice to meet you. Maybe see you again one day.

    Spankedhortic – I am happy that you like my SL account. I had such a good time there, of course I would share it with all of you.

    Tim – Yes I am naughty for keeping a secret…heehee

    IrishRed – I am honored to be your first bottom. Well, it takes practice. My hand used to gt really hurt when I first started spanking, but it has built up a tolerance, I guess just like a butt has to. Looking forward to my next mommy spanking from you.

    JC – Thank you, that means a lot.

    Ken – send me an email about your trip and we can talk about meeting up, but I live about 2 hours from Boston.

    AK – I did give Clare a spanking. I got your present. I loved it. I will post about it soon. Thank you a lot.

    Clare – Hope you like it. Cameraman said it would be a good present. Thought you could use it in a video or something. Did you get the card too? Wasn’t it perfect for you.


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