Vanilla Update

I posted about my last Crimson Moon adventures yesterday. Just wanted to tell you all that I am finally having a “me” vacation. I am on Cape Cod with my family. Hurricane Bill will be coming through tonight and it will rain through the night, but hopefully I will be able to get some sun and some beach time tomorrow or Sunday.

Photo taken by David of Shared Vision Photography (July 2009)

11 thoughts on “Vanilla Update

  1. tom

    Hello Sarah, I’m a huge fan! Nice picture, too…Just wondering if you have any intention of going the clips4sale route at some point. If you had a clips store with all sorts of your own clips, and took requests and did custom videos and that whole kind of thing, it would be tremendous.

  2. Gord


    Thank you for posting that picture, you are a GODDESS ! I am also a huge fan, and have enjoyed your work very much.

    I was wondering about the video you made with Dana Specht. Would you ship to Canada ?

    I am glad you had a great vacation, and that you had fun at the Crimson Moon party.

    Take care.


  3. Sarah Gregory Post author

    Chloe – Thanks hun! I always appreciate when you comment. I am going to in time. Just been so damn busy. Miss you girl. i hope we will get to see each other at some point in the near future, who knows, maybe I can make it out to you for a visit. Us two brats on the lose….hehe.

    Gord – Thank you so much. I am so flattereed, A GODDESS, wow. I would ship to Canada. Email me at and we can talk details.


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