Busy Busy Busy

Wow, has it really been that long since I posted last. While you have been enjoying my various current spankings on the web on Spanked Sweeties, Punished Brats, Good Spanking, and Bad Tushy, I have been busily rehearsing for the musical theater production that I am currently involved in. As most of my readers know, I love theater and do a lot of community theater whenever I have the opportunity. The show goes up this coming weekend and then runs for two weekends. We have rehearsals and tech nights every night right now. When this show closes, I will be moving right into my next one and have some overlap which will be hard to manage. That show opens in January and I have a bigger part. I was going to plan to be back in California this fall, but have to put my trip on hold until late January. I was so excited to shoot more, but it will have to wait a few months unfortunately. However, I do get to take a weekend, Halloween weekend, to be exact and travel to Chicago to attend the Crimson Moon party. I am so looking forward to that. For now, enjoy these few fabulous photos from recent photo shoots.

DSC_0115editWM copya
(c) John Bigham 2009

DSC_0267c copya
(c) John Bigham 2009

IMG_8298 copy 2a
(c) MTM Photo 2009

Pink-1 copya
(c) MTM Photo 2009

(c) Gregory Giger 2009 and Studio 95 Photography

IMG_0804a copy
(c) DOB Models 2009

And a free gallery from, my latest Spanked Sweeties video about my therapy spanking fantasy

12 thoughts on “Busy Busy Busy

  1. AK

    Hi Sarah
    I just love the photo’s ,how do you find the time
    to do all that you do and still have time for
    I hope you are heading back to Punished Brats
    soon it is my favorite site and I just love to see
    you and Pixie over Veronica’s knee.You lady’s
    are so beautiful and talented it is a pleasure to
    watch you at work.
    Have fun

  2. ron c

    Great shoots but more so enjoy your show, love the theatre and my offspring is very involved, it is so fun. Good luck have fun and break a leg!

  3. Sarah Gregory Post author

    AK – I don’t have much time for myself, besides the show I am in now. I also won’t be doing much shooting this fall due to theater obligations. As far as Punished Brats, the scheduling isn’t seeming to work out with them, so I am guessing I won’t be back three til the beginning of next year.

    Dr. Ken – Nope, that doesn’t come as any surprise. Looking forward to seeing you too.

    Clare – Thank you. I think I finally nailed a true fashion shot right there.

    tim – wow, three comments on one post, thanks…lol.

    ron c – That is cool. Thanks for the luck. Dress rehearsal went well tonight.

  4. tim

    sarah sorry for the duplicate comments i thought the first hadnt got through to you spanks for me lol.,love and big spanks ,tim xxx


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