February Travels Part 1 – Miami

Well I have a lot to share about my three weeks away. I started my trip in Miami where I had lots of fun and did a couple shoots and sessions. I stayed with Johnny (FlaPaddler) most of the time that I was there with the occasional night elsewhere.

My first night in Johnny gave me an amazing goodnight spanking and flogging, I needed this.


The next day I had my session cancel….I hate that! I headed to photographer, Alan Pedroso’s studio. I was doing a 2 day trade shoot with him and spending the night We always have a great time together and create some amazing photos. Here is a sampling of the work we did. More from the shoot can be found on Fetlife.

IMG_0043_redbumsmall IMG_0173_bwsmall

IMG_0208_bw2small IMG_0796small

When I got back to Johnny’s place, I_am_Erika had already arrived from Chicago. I hadn’t really met her formally before or spent any time with her. She is super cool and I really enjoyed getting to know her. We all went out for Valentine’s dinner that night and then out to come cool bars and clubs.

DSC_4024 DSC_4030

DSC_4025 DSC_4042

Saturday we went Boating. I love boating with Johnny.  We had lots of fun as you can see off shore Miami. The photos and video will explain it all.

DSC_4161a DSC_4195aDSC_4180aDSC_4187a DSC_4212a


Sunday I did some shopping at the Fort Lauderdale swap shop. I love this place and always find cool stuff and clothes for shooting.

20140216_110929 20140216_112631

Monday I headed to my shoot for Eurotique. They are a super cool corset and adult toy company. Their store is Huge and I was in heaven. I wanted everything. I ended up spending more there than I made….but that is no surprise. I was modeling their new line of corsets that they will introduce this coming spring. I am so excited that I will be in their catalogue and on their website. So cool!!!

eurotique_02 eurotique_01a


I stayed over with the couple who runs Eurotique on Monday night after the shoot. I was very impressed by their home. The playroom was so nice and they have a pool, super jealous.

Tuesday I headed to my session with Alan (Puggybear). I went to his place and we had a good time chatting, going to lunch, and hanging out. It was him, his wife, and me. After lunch we had a session where his wife and I spanked him. He loved it! He also let me borrow some vintage spanking magazines so I can make some copies of the pictures in them.

That night I headed back to Johnny’s, packed up and had an early night. I flew out Wednesday afternoon to Las Vegas where I was meeting my beau, John Osborne. I was very excited.

Ready to check in….


Goodbye Florida, Hello Vegas!!!!

4 thoughts on “February Travels Part 1 – Miami

  1. Tim

    Sarah a nice post ,the only thing is there didn’t seem to be sound on the vid.Good to see John so happy with you ,love and spanks,Tim.


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