Catch up and Momma’s visit

I know this blog post is late, and I guess I am told I will be punished by my man, John for not ever keeping up on my blog, but I just get so busy, not just with my kinky life, but with my vanilla life. All of January I was pretty much working on the musical theater production that I was in. We ran for two weekends and so it was very tiring, and exciting at the same time. Well, My Momma, Dana was so amazing and came all the way from California’s sunny weather to see me in the show and spend my 30th Birthday with me (Feb 5th).

Here we are in the lobby after my show with me still in my stage make-up; look at the beautiful roses she surprised me with.

It was freezing, and snowy and not the best weather, but she came out there for me and we had a great time doing sessions, shooting lots of new videos, and of course just hanging out.

It was so cute when I got back from the cast party there were all these cute notes around m room from her, some telling me to clean stuff up and some just saying sweet things, I took some photos of them to show you.

Justin/J_doggg was also there most of the time. He stays with me a lot to help out. He is kind of like a mix between a submissive and a personal assistant.

Robert/CTPhotographer also came and did a photo shoot of us in my new shed/studio. This has been a work in progress for a long time and it is finally done and ready. I now have a 24×14 foot shed that is furnished with heat and air conditioning. I have traditional domestic furniture and BDSM furniture as well as hard points for suspension play. I will now be doing my private sessions here as well as renting it out to producers and photographers.  Justin did a ton to help make it ready, here he is working.

Here are a couple photos from the photo shoot that Robert did with us.

Robert of CTPhotographer  invited us to his house for dinner one night. He made yummy fish.  Here we are at Robert’s house. First photo is with Justin and second photo is with Robert.

My Birthday was on a Wednesday and it was snowy and I was sick with a bad cold. So we stayed in. When I awoke I was presented with cards and gifts, it was exciting, Momma actually made me a doll, as in the whole thing, sewed it by scratch, she is so talented. I never knew she could do such a thing. You will see her in my birthday spanking video, She also made me a picture book, you know one of those books that you design online and upload photos to. It has photos of her and I from the years and it is amazing. Thank you Momma!!!

We still did some shooting though. We shot my birthday spanking of course.

Robert also gave me a great Birthday Spanking!!

And we shot a video with a schoolgirl theme. I wanted to set up the shed as a schoolroom, so I did and Momma played the strict teacher who spanked me at school in detention. She also played my mom, so after getting home from school I had to be spanked by momma too. It is kind of like the video we did, “Sarah Gregory’s day off” but this will be called, Spanked at school, spanked at home.

That was all we shot on Wednesday but we did some other shooting during the time she was there as well. We shot a video that we are calling, “Caught in the act.” We shot this out in the shed as well. The plot was that we were a religious family and Momma comes into my room to see if I am ready for church and she catches me naked and masturbating on my bed. How shameful, she must deal with this in the nest way she knows fit, a good hard, bare bottom spanking and scolding.

The other video we shot was actually earlier in the visit, the day after the closing performance. I was experiencing post-show drop, which for those of you spankos could compare it to post party drop or sub drop. It was a hard thing for me to end the show. I had been with these same people rehearsing since last June and then all of a sudden it is just done. It was a huge let down and I was having a lot of emotions. Momma and I did a more realistic spanking where we set the cameras on tripods and just did our thing. It is called, Sarah’s Stress Relief Spanking and is now on Momma Spankings and will be on Momma’s website too.

We also did a few sessions, here we are in our “session ready” clothes.

One of our sessions gave us a lovely box of chocolate, here we are looking through it together and enjoying it.

Now, I am in Vegas enjoying being out of the horrible cold and snow. I was in Florida last week having some fun in the sun too. More on these trips in blog posts to come.

4 thoughts on “Catch up and Momma’s visit

  1. John Osborne aka Chief

    Baby… I shall be having words with Justin as he hasn’t commented on your blog post despite promising he would. Great post, lots of work… however, as you know, I shall have to “punish” you as it took so long for your readers to get another post.

    Love you! xxx

  2. Dana Specht

    Lovely account of my visit with you sweetheart. Reading this makes me miss you all the more, but not your nasty weather 🙂 We sure had fun in spite of the snow and cold. Thanks for all the nice things you wrote about your Momma. I love you!


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