It’s official

and up on Punished Brats! Yes, Me, Sarah Gregory, who one day long ago, said, “I don’t get spanked by men,” has now started to experience it quite a bit and had her first on camera spanking by a man, the super cool David Pierson from PunishedBrats and part one of this saga is now posted in the members section of the website. You should really join if you have not yet or if you have let your membership expire. This is a very powerful and dramatic/realistic scene. I put my all into it and let go of control and totally submitted to my spanker. I trusted him 100% and that made it work in every way. Enjoy this free preview clip and then join to see the whole scene!!!!


I was asked in a previous comment on my Punished Brats shoot post by J,

“You never mentioned how you felt after David had spanked you. Did you feel weird? You know how sometimes you get that feeling like โ€œOk, Iโ€™m definitely going to need some time to digest this.โ€ Or was it all good and you canโ€™t wait to jump over the next guys lap?

I would like to take a little bit of time to answer this question publicly in it’s own post. I really like questions in the comments section that make me think and makes me want to post about it. It gets me thinking.

Well, J, and others reading; I did not feel weird after David spanked me, I felt good and well spanked. I felt safe, comfortable with him, a good connection, trusting, and like the naughty little daughter I was over his knee. I took the spanking and got really into the role. I also got into a good head space with him. I certainly am not going to just “jump over the next guys lap” as I wouldn’t with a woman I didn’t know either. Most of the time I shoot for a site, I have had correspondence with my spanker ahead of time and gotten a chance to talk and get to know them a little bit. After having experienced my first on camera man spanking with someone I trust, I must say I would like to do many more scenes with David and with other men I know and trust, such as Yoni of Bumrap productions, Danny and Keith from Shadowlane, Richard Windsor, and possibly Rad if he ever shoots for a site. It isn’t about gender so much for me anymore as much as how comfortable I feel, the vibe I get, and the connection I feel. I have made the next big step in my spanking career. Does this answer your question?


11 thoughts on “It’s official

  1. AK

    Hello Sarah
    I just finished watching you and David on
    Punished Brats,and I have to say that was
    amazing.I can hardly wait to see the next
    part,you have really done yourself proud.
    I would certainly recommend that anyone
    wanting to see a spanking at its best join
    PB and watch Sarah and David in manipulation.
    Take Care

  2. D

    OMG, that scene immediately jumped up to the top of my list of all-time favorite spanking scenes. I’m not even kidding or hyping here. Everything about it — the realism, the dialogue (“You’re getting a spanking … get ready for bed and meet me out here”), the acting, the crying and struggling, the pretty bare feet kicking off pajama bottoms, and of course, the immediate baring of your delicious-looking bottom — I loved every second of it. I can’t wait for part three. I think you just elevated yourself to a cult-fave status, right up there with the legendary Debbie from Nu-West. Congratulations, gorgeous!

  3. tim

    Sarah thank you for your lovely complements i love commenting to you you are so nice ,also like to leave notes on Pixies blog ,and my other spanko friends .wow you received a sound spanking in your cute jammies love and spanks from tim xxx

  4. Jeff

    CONGRATULATIONS, Sarah, on triumphing over a major inhibition. For financial reasons, I cannot justify keeping up an ongoing Punished Brats membership (I wish I could!), so I join for a month two or three times a year and play catch-up. Having seen the first preview clip of your scene with David, I know I’ll be joining REALLY soon! It’s obvious that you gave it 100%, and I already know it’s one that I’ll be watching over and over again.

    I don’t think I’ve ever posted before, but I really enjoy your blog, especially what you choose to share of yourself. You are a very beautiful woman, and seem to be a true gem of a person. Keep (safely and sensibly) challenging yourself, and you will only sparkle more and more.

  5. J

    Thanks for taking the time to respond Sarah and to provide such a thoughtful answer. I think your answer really hit on what I was subconsciously getting at; which is how the spanking…um… journey is going for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyways I’m glad to hear it was a positive experience and that it put you in a comfortable place.

    I can’t wait to watch it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Dr. Ken

    Sarah–I’m actually somewhat torturing myself right now, because I want to wait for PB to put up part 2 so I can download the whole movie rather than the individual clips. But the photos look fantastic, and from all the good things everyone is saying, it’s really getting hard to wait! ๐Ÿ™‚
    It looks like David was most definitely the right person to film with. Congratulations on an excellent choice and on what is very likely going to become one of my favorite PB videos!

    Dr. Ken

  7. Dave

    Wonderful! And those PJ’s are perfect ๐Ÿ™‚ and seem to go so well with many spanking scenarios.

    I was wondering if you love wearing PJ’s in spanking scenes or not really or ?


  8. maddo

    Congrats Sarah, good to see you progressing so well although you were right to progress only at the pace you were comfortable with. And the first one looks like a cracker too, great captures on the photo’s posted ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Dr. Ken

    Dear Sarah,
    Well, I finally got a chance to see the whole movie, and what can I say but, “Wow!” That may very well have been David at his finest, and you were superb, as well. The two of you had a great dynamic going that really gave it that “true to life” feel. Excellent, excellent work!

    Dr. Ken


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