Spanko De Mayo party

Last weekend I attended my first ever small house spanking party. I drove all the way to Jersey City for a fabulous night of conversation, good snacks, friendly like-minded individuals, and of course lots and lots of spanking. Little did I know at the time of arrival that I was about to make and have two of the most wonderful friends one could have. After spending a night with and whole next day with Tasha and Yoni of BumRap Productions, I must say that these two people are the sweetest. They are not only fun to get spanked by and I mean both of them…but they are both very talented in not only the spanking film business, but the mainstream theater and film world as well. I was very impressed. Tasha is a brilliant writer and actress. I am in the process of viewing a pile of their spanking movies that I was given….wow!

There were people at the party that I had met before and new people that were fun to talk to and get to know. Richard Windsor was there. I was so so happy that he made it. This was my third time seeing him in person and a spanking from him was long over due as he put it. So, over his knee I went.



Of course Miss Cassandra Park and Rad were there. I had wanted to play with Sandy at the SSNY party, but it never seemed to happen, so that was also overdue. I finally said…”so, Sandy….when am I going over your knee?” And it wasn’t long before I was.

And she was good about giving me that comfort after….this for me is the conclusion to a good spanking.

And of course……drum roll please……….!!!!!
My first official real life sensual spanking…from guess who???

Tasha Lee.

Let me just tell you…wow. I have never been so sexually turned on from a spanking before. In the past I have been all about the disciplinary spankings, especially in videos. I mean, sometimes I do get turned on even from that, but not like I did with Tasha. She has a way of spanking that is like no other that I have experienced. I think this also has to do with the strong sexual chemistry that I have with her and she with I.

There are different styles and rhythms throughout the spanking, not much dialog besides occasional laughter, sighs of pleasure, here is a lot of rubbling, running of fingernails up and down legs, rubbing shoulders, grabbing hair, ect. WOW.

The first spanking of the night that she gave me was in private. I had shown up to the party in a cute plaid skirt and black low cut tank top. When we went into her bedroom for the spanking….I slipped my skirt off, pulled my top off over my head and layed across her lap on the bed in my black lace bra and panties. She spanked me first over them and then didn’t hesitate to pull them down. My head sunk into the pillows on the bed as I get very turned on. I began to feel very floaty and happy and felt a eurphoric feeling. My toes were curling and I was giggling out of pleasure. When the spanking was over, we decided to go back out to the party and join the others. We heard some pretty crazy parts to conversation while away from the group and eventually thought it best to go back. I wanted to just lay over her lap all night….and do more…if you know what I mean. I am shy around people I like and well, let’s just say, I was feeling very very shy.

Tasha and I walked out. Everyone stopped to stare, probably because I had decided to just keep the bra and panties on and not put my clothing back on. hey, lots of others were walking around in lingerie, why shouldn’t I? I mean I do it at work at the club while serving drinks.

Throughout the rest of the night, I got spanking by Richard, as mentioned above, Rad, (Sandy’s husband), Sandy, Yoni (Tasha’s husband), and Tasha again out in the living room for everyone to see. I gave Georgina a lap dance, and showed off my booty shake to the room. I met Rossbound finally from fetlife. All in all, it was a wonderful night of spanking and fun times to be remembered forever.

11 thoughts on “Spanko De Mayo party

  1. D

    Great pics as always. Could you make some of your pics hi-rez, bigger with a click, by any chance?

    Also, I have to say, I’m really glad you’re showing your beautiful feet in more videos and pics (yes, I have more than one fetish, I admit). Have you considered doing any foot fetish vids? I’d love to see you on, say, or FeetFair.

    Love you, Sarah!

  2. Dr. Ken

    Dear Sarah,
    I know Tasha and Yoni from the group Chicago Crimson Moon (I’ve been a member of the group for years) and you’ve got it right–they are two of the nicest, most awesome people that you would ever want to meet. I’m glad you got to know them and had a good time at their house party. The pictures of you and Tasha? Fantastic!

    Dr. Ken

  3. maddo

    Wow and wow indeed! Great photo’s Sarah, you look as gorgeous as always in them! And what fun that night sounded! The pics with Richard and Sandy are quality shots and the ones with Tasha do hint a little at that chemistry you mentioned! Sounds like a great time with great people! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. eric from PB

    hey sarah…

    how was your first class attendance for the rest of your semester? did our little talk help?


  5. AK

    Hi Sarah
    The pictures are just great and it looks like you
    had a good time.And Mr. Windsor got you over
    his knee for a few swats. Now that you have sampled being spanked by men as well as women
    which do you prefer???
    Have a good weekend

  6. Sarah Gregory Post author

    D – I would make some of my pics hi-rez and clickable if I could. I am/have been having technical difficulties with that and need to consult a web specialist. My blog doesn;t let me uplaod so I am using a second dummy blog uploading and then copying and pasting….long story, but if there is a particular photo you would want to see bigger, email me at and let me know which one and I would be happy to send it to you. I can’t do a lot, but a few is cool with me. I also like to show my feet, i think they are cute if I may say so myself, so I appreciate your comment on that. I have shot some feet stuff for someone with a clips4sale site. I am looking for more feet work though as well as other fetish work. Thanks for the site!

    Tim – I love how you ALWAYS comment and write such nice things, thank you so so so much!!!

    Dr. Ken – I am glad you agree. Will you be going to the Crimson Moon Party this summer in July.August? I will be there.

    maddo – It totally was a great time. Thanks for the compliments as always, I really appreciate it a lot.

    eric from PB – Hey! I miss you so much already. It was so good to see you. I did start to get to my classes earlier, still not exactly on time, but 10 to 15 min late is better than an hour late, plus the majority is that late cause the end of the semester is all just open work periods. I always end up staying later and coming in on off days to make up for it anyways. And…YES our “talk” helped.

    AK – Good question. I like being spanked I think by men and women for different reasons and some the same. I think it also depends on the person and the connection and trust before the gender at this point.

  7. Dr. Ken

    Sarah–Yes, I’ll be at the Chicago Crimson Moon party this summer–just sent in my admission fee, as a matter of fact. I’m very glad to hear that you’ll be there. It’s always nice to be able to say, “Hi!” to a fellow blogger in person! And besides, as Pixie could tell you, I’ve been a big fan of yours since your first PB appearence…..
    Looking forward to meeting you,

    Dr. Ken

  8. Dr. Ken

    P.S.–if you have any questions about the party, or if there’s anything I can help you with, just let me know. And I’m sure you could ask Tasha or Yoni, as well….

    Dr. Ken

  9. maddo

    my pleasure Sarah ๐Ÿ™‚ and it’s only the truth after all hehe! thanks for sharing and take care ๐Ÿ™‚


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