Sinn Sage accident

A very special member of the spanking and fetish modeling community, Sinn Sage was in a horrible snowboarding accident. Here is an email fro, Chelsea Pfeiffer explaining what happenned.

“Our lovely, exciting and completely wonderful Sinn Sage has been in a terrible accident. She was snowboarding in Whistler, Canada, close to Vancouver and hit an ice pack and hit her head. She’s in a hosptial in Vancouver where she’s in an induced coma. After surgery to remove the fluid from her brain she is doing well and is breathing on her own, which is very good news. She’ll be in the coma for about two weeks and is being moved to a hospital closer to home tomorrow. Her medical expenses are up to $160,000 so far, though. A website, has been set up to accept donations to help with her medical expenses and for all to leaves postings for her to read once she’s better.”

She is a very sweet and beautiful girl. I wish her a speedy recovery and urge you all to help her in whatever way you can.


6 thoughts on “Sinn Sage accident

  1. tim

    Sarah yes very sad , i sent sinn a message on her support page as many other friends have .look forward to your p. b. spankings soon love and spanks from tim xx

  2. maddo

    This is sad news indeed. Will say a prayer for her and hope for a full recovery very soon for Sinn

  3. Tyler

    This is horrible. I felt so bad when I found out. It is so sudden as she posted on Shadow Lane 2 days before this happened! I know we are all thinking of and pulling for her!

  4. Chelsea Pfeiffer

    Sinns’ recovery is coming along very well. I spoke to her boyfriend yesterday and he was very optimitic. He says she should be home by the end of May. Keep saying those prayers because they seem to be working!


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