Punished Brats shoot

Some of you might not think much of the fact of getting spanked by a guy, but for me, it takes a lot of trust and getting to that comfort level and head space that allows for this kind of experience. Even when I am spanked on camera, I still feel the need to trust my spanker and feel comfortable for things to go smoothly on my end.

I recently took a huge step in my spanking career. I allowed myself to let down previous barriers and fears of getting spanked in a video by a man. Yes, I have recently since that last Shadow lane Party played with several guys, but I had wanted to have some idea what it would be like off camera before being behind a camera doing it with no backing out.

As mentioned in a previous post, I recently got back from shooting for Punished Brats. I had told David Pierson and Pixie months back that at my next shoot I would like to try getting spanked by a man and felt that David Pierson was the right person because he had gotten me started with my modeling career and I had known him longer than any other male spanko and video producer. I also felt I owed it to him and wanted to do this for him because I knew it would make him happy. I felt comfortable because I knew his style and had seen him spanking many others in person and on video. I had also played with him at the recent SSNY party to get a feel for it personally.

Since I knew that I loved doing “mommy scenes” the best and playing the naughty little girl or teenager, I opted for a daddy scene. I had also been asking Punished Brats if I could do a Pajama scene for over a year so I could use the cute heart PJs that Pixie gave me for a holiday gift about a year and a half ago. So the two were combined.

I hear that this special scene is expected to premier on Punished Brats sometime mid-May.


I also got the opportunity to work with some other wonderful female tops. Beverly Bacci, whom I had worked with before on Clare Fonda’s Site, Spanked Call Girls, and Susan a Punished Brats top whom I had never worked with before. As always, I love working with Beverly and have loved seeing her Topping side develop. I also really felt a good connection with Susan and felt very comfortable receiving a spanking from her. We played the mommy daughter roles good together.




And finally the Cheerleader, yes the cute sassy cheerleader….a role also long awaited by me. I was thrilled to learn that I was going to be able to act like a cheerleader and wear the cute uniform along side Pixie. We did a cheer-leading scene with matching adorable red and white uniforms where we were paddled hard by the stern coach, Beverly Bacci. It was a fun scene with a lot of witty banter exchanged and sassy bratting off.


The other bottom that day was Nyssa Nevers, a very popular bondage model. It was a pleasure getting to meet her and talking a bit with her. I hope to one-day work with her on her bondage sites. She is very friendly, smart, and talented.

All in all it was a very fun filled day with a lot of spanking, bratty behavior, joking around, and just being around people I love and trust. Thank you Punished Brats!!!


I hope you enjoy the preview pics from my upcoming scenes on Punished Brats.

7 thoughts on “Punished Brats shoot

  1. tim

    Sarah great pics ,look forward to your punished brats vids with the girls and David is a gentleman ,glad enjoyed the scene with him love and spanks from tim xxx

  2. BlueMark


    Congrats on taking this huge step in your spanking career. I let my membership to Punished Brats expire shortly before I heard that you were going to do a scene with David, but I will look forward to checking it out the next time I resubscribe. You look adorable in that PJ top (with the bottoms appropriately lying on the floor behind your flaming bottom.)
    And on a selfish note, now that you have let men spank you, I can fantasize that I might one day get a chance to redden your lovely bottom, so thank you for that {grin}.


  3. AK

    Hi Sarah
    I just saw Pixies previews and it looks like you got
    a very red butt out of it.It also looks like you had
    a lot of fun with Pixie and the rest of the crew.
    I can hardly wait to see you in your pj’s getting
    it from David.
    Have a great week

  4. J

    You never mentioned how you felt after David had spanked you. Did you feel weird? You know how sometimes you get that feeling like “Ok, I’m definitely going to need some time to digest this.” Or was it all good and you can’t wait to jump over the next guys lap? 😀

    Anyways hope everything is cool,

  5. Lord Hard Hand


    Once again great job. In every pic you look awsome as you’re getting spanked, paddled by different people. Congratulations in taking that spanking from a guy (I thought you said I was going to be your first… LOL!… just kidding). You even look great standing in the corner after the spanking. Good job!


  6. Dr. Ken

    Sarah–The pictures look amazing, and I look forward to seeing the final results on the PB site. Congratulations on your scene with David–I’ve never met the man, but he seems to me to be the perfect choice for that debut.
    Take care,

    Dr. Ken


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