New Sarah Gregory Videos on the web

Hey ya’ll! Clare Fonda has recently released two new videos that I shot with her last time we worked together. My birthday spanking is now on Spanked Sweeties. I just turned 25 in real life and I asked Clare to give me my birthday spanking when we were out at the Shadow Lane party. She decided to make it into a cute video. It does portray some truth in I am always asking Clare to spank me when I am around her…heehee!

Free Preview Gallery


In addition….Mothers and Daughters ’09, the brand new domestic drama, premiers this week on Girl Spanks Girl. It stars Clare Fonda, Miss Andi, Amy Hunter, and me. Andi and Amy came all the way from the UK and both can be seen on Northern Spanking. This was a really fun video to shoot. I love playing the bratty daughter and I gave a good attitude in this one until the spanking really begun to hurt….then my apologies spilled out as I cried…”no mommy no, please, I am sorry”

Free Preview Gallery


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6 thoughts on “New Sarah Gregory Videos on the web

  1. AK

    Hi Sarah
    I said it before and I will say it again
    Clare looks so sexy in that gown.And you don’t
    look so bad yourself over her knee.

  2. Clare

    You are a mainstay on my sites and always will be- as long as you like to get spanked that is. I repeat – you always will be! You make my job easy and always have so much inner life when you play a scene. Okay Iwill stop with the theatre major shit. xxx

  3. Lord Hard Hand

    Once again great job. I was in a site where I got to see some of the different spankings Clare and other gave you and they’re always great.

    Ofcourse I see Clare is in need of a spanking for her foul language….. typing…. “…theatre major sh….” A good spanking for her is in order.

  4. Funbun

    Hi Sarah,
    Wonder if somebody has ever tried to express how beautiful you are…
    If so, (s)he would still be talking to never stop as you’re simply s t u n n i n g …
    The photos Pixie made of you are great…! 🙂
    ((((Hugs)))) Funbun


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