Update….me and Lisa

Here is a portion taken directly from Lisa’s blog. I feel that she puts it best into words.

“I wish to update a bit about Sarah. She and I are dear friends..and I am more than happy to spank her when I can. We are not affixing any other labels on our unique ‘thing’…not D/s, not the mentoring thing, etc. We cleared the air..were VERY honest with each other about our mutual needs ..and all is well. She is busy..as am I. She knows my hand is always out to her ( in more ways than one. HA!) It opened up some really pertinent dialogue about labels, expectation, the meaning of “real” vs. role-play..etc. Ahh..those pesky ways in which us kinksters “define” ourselves.

As soon as Sarah and I became friends..I KNEW there’d be trouble by classifying our D/s “status” on Fetlife! So…we got rid of them..but then…mutually decided she would be my ‘little girl’ after all ..which is sweet and my being a ‘mommy’ is a LOT less pressure than being a “Top” or Mentor. Trying on that last ‘robe’ gave me a very real sense of heightened respect for those who have mentored ME..I will tell you that!” – Lisa

Just so you know, we both made this decision, there are no hard feelings and we still wish to remain close friends and attend lots more spanking parties together and hang out. She will still spank me when I need it as she sees fit…and hopefully when I just want it as well. She is very busy with her work, kids, dog, ect. and I have a lot going on too with school, work, theater, my modeling, traveling, ect. We still love each other, but choose not to define ourselves in the D/s relationship labels.

One thought on “Update….me and Lisa

  1. Lisa

    I guess it’s better this way, eh, chica? You certainly have plenty of lovely ladies who wish to spank you, so..it’s not like you are being neglected, right? I sure hope not..as you need plenty of attention—disciplinary an othersie! 😉 Lisa


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