What have I been up to?

No, not trouble if that is what you are thinking. I have been very busy with vanilla stuff. I ended my classes for the semester a week ago. I was taking digital design and digital video. I have started dancing..as in swing dance, salsa, Lindy Hop, ect. It has been taking up a few nights a week. I am visiting my mom this weekend because my cousins are in town and my grandparents have been ill so we were all getting together for them. Next weekend, my choir performs it’s final concert of the semester. I have two auditions coming up for community theater productions. My summer seems to be booking up and filling up faster than I can get it all organized. Between trying to figure out when I am shooting, going to swing dance festivals, being in theater productions, singing, working, seeing friends, going to the gym, and family vacations the summer will be gone before I have time to sit and think about it. One thing I am really looking forward too is the fact that this is my first summer where I am not moving home with my mom and not working at the day camp. I am staying at my apartment a couple hours away from where I grew up and just using the summer to do things that I want to do and that make me happy. There is even an outdoor pool that opens soon where I live….yay for sun and swimming.

As far as spanking related trips, I have already booked my flight to the Chicago Crimson Moon Party the end of July. I will be staying with who else, but Tasha and Yoni, and shooting for them as well. I also recently spoke with Audrey Knight who told me that she is going to be there that weekend as well and I she mentioned that she would love for me to shoot some more content for Miss Audrey Spanks and Spank that Brat. I am super excited about working with her again and shooting with Tasha and Yoni for Bumrap productions for the first time. They sent me home from their last party with a pile of their films so I could watch and get a sense of how their films are and let me say….wow, I really like what I see and it will be so fun to be in one of their films. It will also be so fun to meet more people in the spanking community and play with new people.

I am also planning to go to the next SSNY party on July 11th in New York. I hear my good friend Pixie might be there so I am looking forward to seeing her, though we are trying to figure out a good time for her to come out to me and spend some time at my place, so hopefully I will see her sooner.

I am trying to work out my L.A. trip for either sometime in June or in August. I have a few people over on the west coast who I have worked for and some new ones I would like to work for so I hope I can work that out and buy my ticket soon. I also just really miss Clare Fonda. She is one of my best friends and I love when I can just spend time chilling with her and relaxing for a few days. I hope to be able to afford to travel with her one day to Europe. Clare, if you are reading this…Love you!

I did a couple of recent bondage shoots that I will fill you in on as soon as I have photos to post.

P.S. – I am still very very grateful for everyone who has donated to my travel fund. You are making it possible for me to travel as much as I do in the spanking community, thank you. If you have not already donated money before, just a reminder that $25 will get you 12 beautiful, edited, topless photos of me/and or spanking photos of me. I also would like to thank those of you who have continued to support my work by joining the sites I am featured on through my blog. I have the affiliate program and yes, I have to pay to keep this blog going, so I appreciate when you click my links and join the sites.


7 thoughts on “What have I been up to?

  1. Lord Hard Hand


    I’m glad your doing okay. You know taking so long in posting something will get you a spanking and corner time.

    But for real, I’m glad things are going well for you and are very busy. Just don’t get too busy where it gets to be too much.


    Lord Hard Hand

  2. AlanBoatsman

    Sounds like a very busy but very fun summer you have planned. Still hoping we can do a photo shoot some day….

  3. Tyler

    Glad things are going to well Sarah! I am hoping to make it up to SSNY… So maybe we will finally get a chance to meet. 🙂

  4. Dr. Ken

    Great photo at the end of the post, Sarah!
    I still have a few details to attend to, but I’ve booked my hotel room for the Chicago Crimson Moon party, and am very much looking forward to it. Audrey, Tasha and Yoni, and you–this is shaping up to be quite a gathering!
    I hope you have a great summer of travel, shoots and parties!

    Dr. Ken


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