And onto Paddles we went

The train ride into the city went quickly as Lisa and I were chatting way…well I was chatting away, and getting to know each other. When we arrived in New York, we were greeted by Lisa’s good scene friend, Steve. He had been a fan of mine and he was very excited to meet me, well I was excited to meet him too as I had heard such great things about him. As we were walking in Grand Central, we saw HUGE posters advertising my favorite show, Wicked. Lisa and I just had to pose together in front of the two posters.

Off to the bathroom we went to change out of our street clothes and into cute party outfits.

I had no idea what to expect at a BDSM club, as I had never been to one before. I was excited and nervous all at the same time. Luckily I had the opportunity to meet some fellow spanking friends before the party at the pe-party Munch…hehehe (the word munch reminds me of the video game pacman.) Anyways, Lisa and I took a cab over to the diner where we were meeting. We were there early and there were only two people there, Cassandra and Rad. They are very close friends with Lisa and I was so excited to meet them and be able to sit near them. I had been friends with Cassandra on myspace and ever since, I had wanted to meet her and it was so great to be able to do that finally. I felt comfortable right away, as I tend to do with my spanking buddies. I got right to chatting away…as I tend to do a lot. For those of you who have never met me, beware….I will talk your ear off….lol.

Me and Lisa at the diner. I had just went to the bathroom to finish putting on my party outfit.

Well, soon after “A” showed up with Marie and others showed up one a a time over the next 15 minutes or so. I recognized Marie right away and said to her “Wow, you look so familiar” She looked at me and said, “I am Kate James, the spanking model” I knew I recognized her and there she was, Kate James. She had a really nice and sweet personality. “A” had been Lisa’s friend and I had heard so much about her and how we were so similar. We were going to be staying at her place after the party. I made her come right over and sit next to me and we hit it off great. People asked, “so you two already know each other?” we were like, no we just met. It was funny cause we acted like best friends within minutes of meeting. Though it might never happen, I fantasize about moving to NYC and if I ever do, I would totally live with “A.” We would be great roommates. Two actresses, singers, hard wired spankos, and of course brats.

After we got some food in out stomachs, we walked a few blocks to the club.

Yes, that is a heart on the end of a crop sticking out of my bag.

I have no shame in others seeing what I have on me. The crop wouldn’t fit in, so sticking out, it had to be. I bet all the vanillas we passed were jealous on the inside. I was also wearing hot pink “f#@k me heels” as Marie put it ,and got quite the looks and compliments on the shoes and dress. Yes, for those of you who don’t know, it is fun for me to walk by and know I am turning heads. I am not an “attention whore”, meerly someone who enjoys attention. I bet a lot of people feel the same way, but would never admit it.

When we got to the club, we paid and went inside. It was lit very darkly and Lisa showed me around. There were very nice pieces of furniture perfect for spanking. This included, leather tables, chairs, and benches of different types. There were also cages and other chains and cuffs hanging all around. It looked like a dungeon. I had never been anywhere like this and was in amazement over it.

And so the night progressed with me getting one spanking after another. I would be lucky if ten minutes went by between my spankings. I just couldn’t get enough, and apparently others couldn’t get enough of watching my bottom turn all sorts of shades of pink.

Lisa spanking me…as she did many times that day and nightdsc04808

and an action shot…..OUCH!

That didn’t feel so good…..pout!

The lovely and stern Cassandra giving me a spanking, and very hard I might add

I can honestly say that I had a wonderful night as well as an emotionally draining night. All of my spankings from Lisa made me cry not just from physical pain, but due to the emotional cleansing and head space I was in. After an intense spanking from her, I felt drained, tired, and completely a mess as all my make-up seemed to come off with the tears. I felt unattractive but was assured that I still looked amazing despite the puffy eyes, and “cry face” as I put it. After I was spanked, I also felt very light and like I just wanted to curl up and close my eyes for a little bit and so I did. “A” and Lisa would stroke my hair while I rested after my spankings which really helped.

So, now what you have all been waiting for….me to tell you about the REALEST spanking that I have ever received. I mean REALEST DISCIPLINE spanking. Well, after 10pm, it wasn’t just OTK night anymore. Many other people started to arrive who had interests in all sorts of different aspects of the fetish and BDSM world, not just spanking. A very nice man asked me if I would like a foot massage. It was the rule to ask Lisa first before playing with others, so I did. She said it was ok for me to do that, but that was it. I went off with him and he gave me a wonderful foot massage and then asked me at the end if I would mind standing on his chest. I didn’t think anything of it and said, “ok.” Then, another man approached me as I was putting my shoes back on and asked me if I would do the same for him, but with my heels on. I was conflicted at first because I was supposed to ask Lisa, but I also felt bad saying no as he seemed very nice. I didn’t exactly understand at the time what I was doing, which I now know that they thought I was a “dom.” Then as I was walking on this guy, he asked me to do more and I said that I couldn’t and I had to get back to my TOP. He replied, “Oh, you are a sub….I see.” And off I rushed to find Lisa. At that moment, “A” approached me and told me something personal about the situation and how that guy wasn’t a good person. I felt really really guilty all of a sudden and sat down at the table on the booth and hid my face and began to cry. I couldn’t stop crying. It felt like my chest was caving in on itself. People asked if I was tired and if I was falling asleep and I just shook my head no. “A” offered to explain it to Lisa for me and told me it would be ok. I agreed and then I saw through my curls Lisa approach me and slide into the booth. She grabbed my chin and made me look her in the eye and tell her what I did. She knew how bad I felt and how guilty I felt, but that didn’t stop her from grabbing my wrist and dragging me out and across the room into a back room. She sat me on small bench and went to get a chair. She then through me over her lap and pulled down my panties and gave me the hardest bare bottom spanking that I have ever received. I was in hysterics at that point and didn’t know the difference between implements and just could feel pain. My whole body was shaking and then I went limp. She spanked me until she felt it was enough and pulled me up and just held my head in her lap and let me cry. I cried so much. I kept saying to her, “I ruined everything, didn’t I?: and “Do you hate me?” and “Are you mad at me?” She assure me that she could NEVER hate me and no she wasn’t mad anymore and that I didn’t ruin anything and she would always be there for me and wouldn’t abandon me. I have struggled my whole life with issues of abandonment and loss and couldn’t handle someone leaving me again as so many do. She just held me and then it was all ok. I was ok, she was ok, and we went on with our night and had a good rest of the night, well what was left of it, that was. I can’t say that I liked this kind of a spanking….but I know why I got it and I know I deserved it. In the end it helped her and I to both get past things and be ok. My guilt and her anger were both set to rest through that spanking.

8 thoughts on “And onto Paddles we went

  1. Lisa

    Sweetie girl..I never fully knew what YOU were going through during that real discipline. It was definitely an AUTHENTIC punishment, bdsm club or no bdsm club, being “into” spanking, or not. You broke an important and immutable rule I made very clear to you — FOR you ..for YOUR protection and benefit, and in breaking that rule, you set yourself up for possibly ( eventual) disastrous things with that man you STOOD ON. ( I won’t dignify the event with the word “play”, my dear…) I was angry with you for real, dismayed at your disobedience, and spanked you as a very caring and worried ( and yes, outraged) “mother”. I am pleased it got through to you, you learned from it ( I HOPE, young lady!) and feel pretty confident you won’t disobey me in such a manner ever again . My spankings are only out of a deep place of caring in me..and I hope you always remember that ..even when crying your makeup off. I will be seeing you again very soon. Love, Lisa

  2. Kellie

    I think it’s awesome that you two found each other, everyone should be so lucky! Thanks for not being afraid to share all the emotions. For those of us still ‘looking’ it takes away some of the fear.

  3. AK

    Hi Sarah
    It sounds to me like Lisa really cares for you and is
    looking out for you so you do not end up in trouble.The next time you will now know how to deal with that situation if it should occur again.
    And I love your pictures you look so sexy standing on the street with your suitcase.You
    also look good over Lisa’s knee love the
    facial expression.
    Take care and have a good week
    Love AK

  4. Michael

    sounds like you got the spanking that you deserved, I remember Lisa in that very same posistion about 6 or 7 years ago.she’s still as beautiful as ever

  5. Lisa

    I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t very curious about ” Michael”, above– who made that much appreciated comment about me. ….
    ps: Sarah, looking forward to your next blog about this weekend’s party in New York.

  6. maddo

    I don’t think much needs to be added after the posts of Kellie, AK and Marie/Kate James! special times and experiences you are sharing with us and you still look amazing both before and during your spankings! 🙂

    Take care and all the best,



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