The long overdue meeting

As most of you who have been following my blog know, I have been looking for a special woman, a mentor and top. Someone within driving distance who has that maternal flare and can give me what I crave and need. Well, look no further, I have found her. Lisa is one of the most genuine amazing woman I have met in a long time. She has not only taken me under her wing, but she has introduced me to all her amazing friends and brought me into the social spanking scene more. I had been afraid to make that move on my own, being the naive youngin’ that I am who can sometimes be very trusting and too trusting of others at times. I know that under the care of Lisa in these large social situations I am safe IF I follow her rules and stick by her side. She is a wonderful, yet stern woman who is never afraid to take a brat like me over her lap and give a hard and I mean hard spanking to when necessary. My cute and pleading protests don’t fool her and certainly don’t get me out of a spanking. I TRUST her and know she has my best interest at heart. Thank you “mommy” for being there for me, for letting me cry in your arms and over your lap, for listening to me, and correcting my bad behavior, as well as giving me the lighter spankings I want so much too. I know I may be rude and bratty at times and I am sorry.

And so the saga begins…….

It is Saturday morning and I was up earlier than I expected. I drove the rental (yes rental as my car broke) to Lisa’s. It took a little over an hour to get there and I did not even speed, which I usually do by the way….but I promised her I wouldn’t and I don’t break promises. When I pulled into her driveway, she came outside and greeted me with a huge smile and a warm hug. I felt loved instantaneously. I had awaited this moment since we had started talking online months earlier. I felt the brisk chill of the air roll over me as we walked into her cute house side by side. I said “oh gee, I am going to be cold today.” and she stated back to me “no coat?” and so the mothering began.

She showed me around her cute lovely decorated house. It was so cozy and I felt so comfortable. When we go to the living room, she said, “no better way to break the ice than a spanking.” She sat down on the couch and told me to “come here” and took down my tight fitting blue jeans. She guided me over her lap and my cute bottom was raised over it so perfectly. She commented on how cute my little blue stripped panties were and she started to spank me. I felt at home and loved right away. It was a getting to know you spanking. She was also addressing some personal issues that I had discussed with her and spanking me for some of them. It wasn’t a hard spanking, but still one that got the point across. She spanked me then on my bare bottom and put me in the corner and told me not to move. I felt very scared and didn’t move an inch, which is very rare for me. I was being controlled for real, but in a good and needed way. She then came over and had me look at her and she told me it was ok and she just looked into my eyes and I felt the tears start, but I held back for some reason and I think she could tell. She just hugged me and said, “oh Sarah, it is ok, you can cry” I still held back. I knew though the next time I would not, as I now felt more trusting and knew that I could let go if I needed to. Even though she assured me it was ok that first time, something in me held it back. We then sat down and talked some more. It was a nice morning. I had brought a cd with me of my vocal recording for her and we listened to it, oh yea I am a singer too for those of you who don’t know.”

After we listened to the cd, I was very anxious to go for a walk to the old, boarded up school building from the early 1900s she had spoken to me about previously. It was on the lot next to her house. I love old buildings and the photographer in me jumps for joy when surrounded by artsy chaos in fallen down broken buildings.

We started to walk around the school house and I had my fancy Nikon D60 to take photos. She took a lot of photos of me in various places among the debris



and I took a lot of artistic photos of broken glass chards and boarded up windows and old spray painted signs warning children not to play on the playground unsupervised.


As we were walking, I saw a long stairwell down to a few landings with some really cool looking debris scattered.

I so wanted to get down as far as I could and take photos. Lisa saw how unsafe it could be down there and how many diseases probably lived there and told me sternly NOT to go past the first landing, only then she turned the corner, so guess what I did? Well, Lisa came back and saw me crouched down among the broken glass shards, and other not so nice pieces of garbage and before she could get in a “young lady” I blurted out…” hey us artists, we suffer for our art, and I suffer for my art!!!” She said, “young lady, you will suffer for your art,” and so goes my outdoor spanking.

All in all, it was a fun time. Pretty soon she said we had to get going as we didn’t want to miss out train into the big city…..I protested for a little, but soon realized she was right we had to go, the building would be there next time I was to head out her way. So on our way to Paddles we went……

(you can read more about me and Lisa’s spanking adventures together at her blog.)

14 thoughts on “The long overdue meeting

  1. AlanBoatsman

    W0w, I am happy for your happiness. Love to see more photos too, even if they don’t have bare bottoms. Not that there is anything wrong with bare bottoms!

  2. Lisa

    Hello sweet one,
    What a wonderful blog you wrote today! I am proud of you . You “word-captured” our first meeting very well, and I really enjoy hearing your thoughts and feelings about it. (I know I CERTAINLY enjoyed myself.)

    You were instantly easy to be around and SO much impish, strong-willed brat! πŸ˜‰ .

    As soon as I have a little time, I will continue to blog about our adventures at Paddles, and about later that night at your wonderful new friend ( and co-conspirator!) A’s lovely NYC apartment..and about the next day..back at my lace in CT. We sure did pack a lot of excitment into ONE weekend, didn’t we?! Behave yourself… xoxo Lisa

  3. Steve (UK)

    Not only have you found your long-awaited spanking partner, but it seems like Lisa might have found the very brat that she was looking for as well.
    I wish both of you many happy spankings. πŸ™‚

  4. maddo

    Hi Sarah. great to hear you are doing so well. Sounds like Lisa and yourself are having a great time and that’s wonderful. Lovely story and cute pics too! Hope you are both well


  5. matt

    Well I hope I was not to forward here’s 2 pink sparkling toys. It was nice 2 meet u .I hope that I was not the reason4 your real punishment

  6. Marie/Kate James

    Reading about this is really awesome. I can’t explain it, but it’s an excitement in knowing someone is having this amazing feeling of happiness and just not being able to help feeling happy for them as well πŸ™‚

  7. Funbun

    Guess you found in Lisa exactly what you were looking for! I love to read Lisa’s Blog. It’s clear you’re a ‘perfect’ match for each other..!
    If you like I could make a drawing of the two of you. In that case we need some contact before. Give it some though.
    Hugs, Funbun

  8. Sarah Gregory Post author

    Pixie – I have, and thank you. I can’t wait to see you soon!

    Alan – I will post more photos soon.

    Lisa – Thank you and I love that we are both poting so much about our great time together. And, I will behave……I mean yes Ma’am.

    Steve – I think you are right.

    AK – Thank you so much.

    maddo – We are and thank you.

    Marie – I am glad you have enjoyed our posts. See you soon.

    Funbun – I would love for you to make a drawing, should I email you photo?

    Chloe – Thank you so much. I miss you a lot girly.

  9. Funbun

    Hi Sarah,

    Yes if you could send me a few good photos that show the two of you in FULL.
    I like to tell on forehand how I would prefer to see you (as if you were ‘modelling’ for me), so maybe you could contact me at my gmail address
    You’re a wonderful girl and I trust that Lisa is adding to your life.. πŸ™‚

    ((((((Hugs)))))) Erik / Funbun


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