Quick weekend update

It is almost 1:30am on Sunday night/Monday morning. I got back about an hour ago from my weekend in NYC. I had a lot of fun and a lot of spankings. I experiences one of my first “real” discipline spankings. I cried for real like I never have. I will write more about it when I have more time to really focus and am not so tired and worm out. It was intense. I also got to meet some really nice people in the social spanking scene as well as other celebs. I met the cute and super nice Kate James and the beautiful and stern Cassandra Park. I also got to spend the whole weekend with my mentor, Lisa. I will be attending the SSNY party on the 18th with Lisa as well. I am really looking forward to that. I have to wait a whole two weeks……..boohoo! At that party I will get to hang out with Kate James again as well as many other new spanking friends. My friends David Pierson and Amber Pixie Wells from Punished Brats will also be there and I am so excited to see them and help out with their booth a little bit. I have to be careful that weekend not to get marked as I will be back shooting with Punished Brats FINALLY the following weekend, the 25th, and I am so very looking forward to it as I have not worked with them since December of 2007. I have already talked with my Top Lisa and she understands that and knows that as naughty as I may be, a real hard spanking will have to be put on the back burner that weekend. However, that does not mean that I won;t get spanked st all and let me tell you, even the medium spankings that don’t mark me as much still hurt very very much.

Laying across Kate, Cassandra, and Lisa……what an honor it is!dsc04804

My mentor, Lisa, spanking me

Kate James and me cheek to cheek

9 thoughts on “Quick weekend update

  1. Lisa

    Sweet, spankable Sarah..what a treat it was to finally meet you and get that VERY naughty bottom of yours over my knee! Yes, you did deserve every spanking you got ! Even though it hurts, and may even make you cry, you know it’s only done with love, and care. Paddles was glad to welcome you into its embrace, and I am happy you made/make friends so easily. Wow… My hand looks huge in that first photo. No wonder your backside is so red and sore, my pet! 😉 Perhaps behave for a while and it will be nice and white again for your next shoot! I’m SO looking forward to the SSNY bash, and meeting YOUR friends, as well! Behave, little brat! xoxo Love, Lisa

  2. Sarah Gregory Post author

    Lisa – I will behave ma’am. It was so wonderful to finally meet you too. I will see you soon, only a week and a half and SSNY here we come.

    Time – Thank you. I love that you always comment. Thanks for that.

    Erica – Thank you so so much. I miss you.

    Cassandra – It was great meeting you too. I hope so too, unfortunatley if we are to play on the 18th, which I hope we do, only a hand can spank my poor bottom as I have a shoot on the 25th and cannot be marked.

    Clare – She does.

  3. David Pierson

    Finally you’re getting to work with us huh? I do remember booking you for January. I belive your bottom was assaulted by a nasty strap. LOL.

    Looking foward to seeing you love.


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