Strictly Spanking NY Party adventures Part 1

Well, it is Monday night (well actually early Tuesday morning) and I just got bqack from a night working at the club. I have a horrible head cold and sore throat. I felt it coming on all weekend and with the lack of sleep, over-excitement, and adrenaline rush, I woke up this morning practically unable to lift my head. Now with lots of cold meds and hot tea in me, I had one busy day. I wish I could rest more, but I was blessed with no such luck. I got my new car from the dealership (the only exciting part of my day) and then worked a night at the club….just what I want to be doing…NOT.

This weekend I had a blast at my first SSNY party.

My weekend went as follows, Friday night I drove to Lisa’s house in CT. We had a good night with some light spanking (didn’t want to be marked before the huge party) and got to sleep around midnight…..well I did, I was fast asleep before her. I already had a sore throat…grrrrr. Saturday morning we took the metro North into Grand Central station and was greeted by Lisa’s long time friend, Steve, who is such a gentleman and sweet man. He helped us get to our hotel and leave our bags off and then off we all went to Canal street for some shopping.


I love all the knock off brand names stuff, especially the purses. I bought one for my mother, as she had requested it, and a very real looking coach bag for me…..which I kept protesting “But, it is real!” to Lisa which annoyed her….lol. She also bought me a really cute ring with hearts on it.

After we crammed as much shopping as we could into our day, we had a quick bite to eat and went back to the hotel to get ready for our big night. Once we were dressed and ready…we took a few photos in our beautiful dresses.

We made a fashionably late entrance as none of us had written down the address and were going off of a general location…which I warn you is not a good idea. We eventually made it to the party only 45 minutes late.

I was super excited to see my Punished Brats friends and ran up to Pixie with such enthusiasm and gave her the biggest hug.

We chatted for a bit and then I scurried over to the Punished Brats table and gave Davis Pierson such a big hug and he even lifted me in the air for it. I had missed them so very much and consider them part of my family. I am so excited that I will be with them all again soon for my well overdue shoot. However, I was not off the hook for them having to postpone my last shoot…as I was under the weather and terribly marked up from my month on the west coast. David gave me a spanking for that. It was my first time being spanked by David actually.
I wanted to be ready for my huge debut of being spanked by a man on camera and I will do this next weekend with David.

I also saw my good friend Richard Windsor….who I had wanted to play with, but there just wasn’t enough time for all I wanted to do it seemed.
dsc04865Kate James.

One of the most important and long awaited moments also happened that night. I finally got to meet and be over the knee of the lovely and mesmerizing Tasha Lee from Bum Rap productions. She was the first person I confided in about my spanking fetish and helped to make me feel more comfortable weith myself through many exchanged messages online. We were writing almost everyday years back and it is because of her I was able to come out as a spanko and believe in who I was and persue to talk about my fetish with others and join the video scene.


More new people I met were Ian the London Tanner

and the super adorable Chester, a male spanking model who can be seen on Miss Audrey Spanks.

…And yes I did spank him in our hotel room after the party. My first time spanking a guy and who knew it could be so fun. But, don’t get any ideas guys….it was a one time thing to try and see what it is like. Maybe it will come up in my future more one day, but for now…don’t ask me to spank you if you are a guy.
I really branched out and discovered parts of myself that I never knew existed.

And he got me back after…boo hoo (NOT!)

And of course a spanking party would not be complete without a public spanking from Lisa, my mentor and Top. dsc04887

More stories to come later…..

10 thoughts on “Strictly Spanking NY Party adventures Part 1

  1. Lisa

    I’m so glad you had fun. I knew you would. What a shame about your cold! You have to start taking better care of yourself, Young Lady; rest, fluid, vitamins, and always wear your jacket! πŸ˜‰
    You looked stunningly beautiful at the party, and in all these pics..especially with Chester! Watching the two of you interacting was a delight!
    Take care, sweet girl. Talk to you soon. Oh, and congratulations on your new car! Love, Lisa xo

  2. maddo

    Hey Sarah,

    sorry to hear you are not feeling well. πŸ™ Hope you feel better soon hey.

    That Little Miss Naughty t-shirt is cute and suits you perfectly! A great photo of yourself and Pixie, you are clearly two of the most gorgeous spankees in the biz today! πŸ˜‰

    The photo of yourself and Chester is an amazing one and I have to envy him in both of the following pics hehe!

    hope you get well soon Sarah, take care


  3. Funbun

    Wish I had been there.. πŸ™‚
    Although probably little chance me spanking you. As I am a man. One of the many who would LOVE to spank that adorable pair of buttocks of yours.
    Great pics. Love to see you OTK.. πŸ™‚
    (((((Hugs))))) Erik aka Funbun

  4. AK

    Hi Sarah
    It certainly looks like you had a fun time, and
    the pictures are great.
    I love the look on your face when Chester has
    you over his knee.You also look pretty good over
    Lisa’s knee, she is such a sweet looking lady.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Lord Hard Hand

    Hi Sarah;

    I’m glad you were able to go to the SSNY Party. It looks like you had a lot of fun. I’ll probably be repeating myself and what others have said but you look great over someone knee or even just standing with someone’s had on your behind like with Pixie (you both look marvelous there). Sorry I wasn’t there to enjoy that party.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for bringing my the pleasure of seeing you getting spanked time and time again.

  6. Tyler

    Great post Sarah! Hope all is well… So you need to update your donation section of the page… What is the next trip?


  7. Sarah Gregory Post author

    Lisa – Thank you for the super sweet comment. Love you too!

    maddo – Thank you! It is a 2006 Subaru Outback wagon.

    Funbun – You are right….thanks for the compliments.

    AK – Thank you, I will be sure to tell Lisa of your kind words.

    Lord Hard Hand – You are welcome. It was so nice to see my friend Pixie. We love posing in photos together.

    Tyler – Next trip, this weekend to shoot for Punished Brats.

    Steve – We actually didn’t plan it at all. I was very happy to see how we matched when I showed up to the party. Good surprise.

  8. tim

    Sarah lovely pics glad you had a great time with the spankos what a cute one of you and lovely Pixie and your botties just spanked i presume ?have a great time at punished brats i know you will they are great ,lots of love and spanks xx


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