A visit from a friend

My good friend and fellow brat Abigail Whittaker from Spank That Brat has been in town visiting me. I recently shot for Spank that Brat and the two of us really got along well and have become wonderful friends. We have had a blast together here in Massachusetts. We were in my hometown for about a week and are heading out soon to the west coast to spend some time shooting for various spanking companies and just having fun around California. It will be nice to get away from this cold and snowy New England weather!

After picking up Abi at the train station, we went back to my place and I tested out various spanking implements on her bottom. She came prepared with many for me to choose from. As you know, I am not generally a top but spanking this brat is so much fun. Anyone who has ever spent any amount of time around Abigail knows how hard it is not to spank her cute little bottom. I played a guessing game with her where I would use different implements and she would have to guess which one….and boy was she right on.

You will see my new “Heat it up” paddle that Audrey Knight, also from Spank that Brat, gave to me as a present in the front of this photo.

She even did my dishes and left her bottom readily available for a spanking if I felt she wasn’t doing a good enough job….hehe.


We also had a fun time at the strip club where I am a waitress. It is amazing how many people you can meet at a strip club who claim to be into spanking….but I really doubt they are as into it as her and I are.



We spent a little time at my parent’s house as well. (Had to hide the implements while we were there….lol….but we still found some time for spanking.) We went for a lovely walk late one night in the huge snow blizzard and found ourselves lying in a snow bank on the beach spanking each other. Wow, what a hard spanker Abigail is….I could feel it all the way through my snow pants. I think we were out in the storm for almost two hours. I live in a historical town, so it was fun to show her around even if it was late at night in a blizzard.




9 thoughts on “A visit from a friend

  1. tim salisbury

    sarah great fun post lucky you to meet up with Abi did the snow melt with all the spanks being administered there/?can you help me i am trying to rejoinspankthatbrat.complease could you ask the girls toget me online helpwhen i was a member for a month last time Audrey very kindly helped me online to join thnks love ,tim.

  2. maddo

    They are fun photos Sarah.You both look great in that shot in the club and who is that cute (although slightly possessed looking! hehe!) dog? Wish we got snow sometimes here in Australia!


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