My dominant side discovered…

Well, I know I am posting another post on the same day and I don’t usually do that…but I was so excited to get the news out about my latest shoot on a website that is different than spanking. As promised here are some photos for my shoot with……get ready…….Scissor Vixens. This shoot was different than what I usually do, but I like to try new things that I am comfortable with, and well scissoring guys sounded weird at first, but I realized how fun it was and discovered the dominant side of me more. Plus, the people who I worked with from the site were so cool and we had a lot of fun talking and working together. As always, I love to make new friends on shoots and I did that yet again.

Although don’t get any big ideas…..I am a sub/bottom at heart when it comes to spanking. Check it out and let me know what you think. Don’t worry though, I am not leaving the spanking world….never ever.




21 thoughts on “My dominant side discovered…

  1. Redchief

    That second picture is a perfect position for a spanking. Can we find somebody from PB who can replicate that shot with a little spanking action?

  2. Lord Hard Hand

    You look great in these pictures, even though you’re not getting spanked. I love all 3 because in the first one, it looks like you got caught doing something wrong, according to the expression in your face. In the second one we get to see that lovely spankable behind of yours, (and I agree, why didn’t he spank you then? I don’t know). And the third pic, did you have to kill him… LOL!

    Lord Hard Hand

  3. Drew

    The reason I, Drew…the one pictured with Sarah, didn’t spank Sarah during this video was because she made it clear that if I spank her…then I’ll end up with broken ribs and a sprained neck 😉

    Needless to say…I kept my ‘spanking hands’ to myself! :-).


  4. maddo

    Your look in the first photo actually suggests to me that if you interfere you’re next hehe! I have a bit of a switch mentality so I think this is pretty hot actually! Hard to imagine anyone overly objecting to being outwrestled by the lovely Sarah Gregory every now and then! 🙂

  5. Dave

    That’s cool you are exploring other fetishes—the whole wrestling/fighting/face-sitting/etc thing is not my thing, but you clearly look fantastic in these “scissor” pix. Must say have never heard of this “niche”! Try not to kill anyone. k? 🙂

    Interesting, those positions, I’m no expert on this, but they seem to be Brazilian martial arts submission and grappling moves that one sees all the time.

    Maybe we’ll be seeing you soon on some wresting sites or karate sites or who knows where? 🙂


  6. Harry From Philly

    Hi Sarah. I’m a big fan of mixed wrestling and the scissorvixens web page which is how I got to your blog.

    While you may always love spanking first, you are a natural and incredible domme as well. You are already head and shoulder (and legs!!!) above most, if not all, of the others who do this scissoring/wrestling, etc. It’s not only because you have incredibly beautiful and strong legs, great body and sexy face, but also because of your evil mind and sexy dialogue.

    I’m going to purchase and download the video right now! I hope, one day, you decide to do some private session work like some of the other girls. You’ll make a killing ($$$$).

  7. Drew

    Hey Harry from Philly,

    While we respect Sarah’s first and primary fetish love which is indeed spanking…you are correct…aside for the obvious physical attributes she brings to the world of scissors…what really impressed me was her sexy, dominant attitude and dialogue.
    It’s easy for many girls to look pretty but few can play the part like Sarah did. One certainly gets the impression, from watching the video clips and viewing the pictures, that Sarah wasn’t acting all that much…I think she indeed found her dominant side and it showed!


  8. Lash Le Roux


    I’ve always loved the muscle tone in your legs and glutes. These pictures show both in spectacular fashion.

    Any guy who doesn’t relish the thought of having those luscious legs of yours wrapped around him is either not into women or DEAD.

    Lash Le Roux

  9. Kan

    I was the other guy who worked with Sarah for her “Scissor Debut” vids at, and gotta say she was easily one of the most fun girls I’ve ever worked with. She’d never done this before, and while scissoring and domination certainly isn’t her main thing, during the shoot, it became her ONLY thing, as she was focused, intense and totally in control! She has very powerful thighs and a killer scissor hold, she had me nearly passing out several times, she took to scissoring with incredible ease and proficiency. Plus, she’s an actress for real, and those skills help a great deal, she totally got into the characters we’d asked her to play and her acting talents really brought the storylines to life.

    I’d work with her again in a heartbeat, she’s a great kid, funny, fun, intellectual, impassioned and just a joy to be with.


  10. Harry From Philly

    Hi Sarah. I see that you have a new and fantastic video on and that you are doing some light mixed wrestling session work. I hope you decide to come to Philadelphia as I am a big fan of yours and would love to do a session with you. Maybe you’ll also put up a page on the site too!


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