Shoot with DOB Photography

I had yet another shoot this past weekend with my photographer Dick Obrien. He gave me a cd with all the images he shot of me a month or so ago and also emailed me a few from the weekend. The new ones I will save for a surprise later…as some of them are for Christmas…hehe. I also shot with a new website and it is not spanking….hmmm what could it be? I am going to also keep that a secret until the website puts me in their updates then I will tell you all about it and link you there. Keep posted and enjoy these photos.

img_5270 img_5374 img_5652 img_5707 img_5439_2




8 thoughts on “Shoot with DOB Photography

  1. Steve (UK)

    Another great set of photos!
    It looks like you’re getting out and having some fun, so I guess you’re feeling better about things right now.
    I’m looking forward to seeing all these spanking vids you’ve got planned for the New Year. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Lord Hard Hand

    You’re getting sexier every time. Tied up or over someones knee you look marvelous. Ofcourse you should have added some pics of you getting spanked as you’re tied up….

    Just for that get over here, young lady…. Don’t give me that look you deserve this spanking….

  3. Dr. Ken

    I’m not even into bondage, but I’m really taken with the last photo. It reminds me a little of some of the old-time Bettie Page photos….
    Good work!

    Dr. Ken

  4. Harry From Philly

    Hi Sarah. Love the photos! But I went to the web site to see if more of you were posted there and couldn’t find your page. Could you post a link for direct access to your page there?

    Can’t wait to see the other pics!

    Happy Holidays,



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