Christmas in California

Merry Christmas
I was waiting until Christmas to post this photograph that Dick Obrien took of me. I hope you like it.

This has been my first Christmas without snow! Well, honestly, being Jewish, I don’t really celebrate Christmas unless I am with people who do and this year I was. I am just so used to seeing snow outside the window on Christmas morning or having it at least be cold enough that when you breath you can see your breath in the cold winter air. In the past I have either spent Christmas at my aunt’s in New York, a friend’s house, or working retail at the mall.

Abigail Whittaker
and I spent Christmas in Fullerton California with Chris and Sassy Jane of Spanking Digest.


They have a wonderful home and did so much to make this Christmas special.

We all went to pick out a Christmas tree together.

When we got the tree in the house and up, Abigail put the lights on it. She also did so much to help make this Christmas special.

AND she spent over 5 hours cooking a wonderful turkey dinner…..and boy is she a good cook.

Even Nutella and Rocky loved the turkey dinner

After dinner….yes after dinner (I know weird), we opened our presents.

This is what I got! I love all of my presents….which is your favorite?

Unfortunately, there were no Christmas spankings given on Christmas…even though we were a house of spankos. Though there were spankings given weeks ago in preparation for Christmas. You can see me and Abigail play cute little Christmas elves who get spanked by Mrs. Clause (Audrey Knight) for not getting the presents ready on Spank that Brat. We will be shooting a bunch for Spanking Digest and Spank that Brat once the holidays are over. I will also be doing some more shoots while out here in California…..and you will hear about those details later.

9 thoughts on “Christmas in California

  1. tim salisbury

    sarah glad you had a nice christmas with plenty of spanky presents ,my new year resolution is to rejoinspankthatbratthe helpdesk does not seem to be online when i try love from tim.

  2. Lash Le Roux


    I have a favorite, the leather “Brat” paddle by John at Leather Thorn Paddles. I only wish I was there to use it on your sexy bottom!

    As a matter of fact, I own one of Leather Thorn’s excellent products, a 22″ x 3″ razor strop style paddle which reads, “PERSUADER.” John custom made it to my specifications and I’ve been thrilled with both it and the results it achieves.


  3. Seatscorcher

    Happy New Year to you Sarah. Rumor has it (or perhaps it is a fact?) that you are a Massachusetts girl? Christmas in California?? We had about 20″ of snow during the week before Christmas. Will you be coming home to us any time soon?
    Seat (from MA)

  4. Jeff R. from Wi

    You are absolutely beautiful Sara. Thank you for sharing your Christmas outfit. I love it! You are so hot…… Happy new year honey…

    Jeff from Wi

  5. Sarah Gregory Post author

    Dave – Thank you…I like that pic too! I have others I can send that are more sexy if you donate money. I have a pot about it a little ways back that explains.

    Dr. Ken – Thank you. Happy Holidays to you 2.

    Tim – You should try sending them an email.

    LLR – I am excited to try out my new paddle. Abigail bought it for my xmas gift and we are going to use it soon.

    Seatscorcher – Yes, I am a Massachusetts girl. I am happy to be out of the freezing cold for now, even if it isn’t super hot here in California. I won’t be home til’ later in the month.

    Jeff – Thank you, Happy holidays to you.

  6. MIKE F

    hi boo ! sorry about lastnight got real sick ! i`m looking at your pix and like i always say 2 u , u r an awsome woman ! hugs and kissess


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