Shadowlane Spanking Party

Shadowlane….wow, I don’t even know where to begin. Do I begin with the amazing shoots I did, the super amazing play times I had, the time in Vegas enjoying the city, or quality time with good friends who were missed? Do I start with the super cool roommates I had, the new friends I met, or doors now opened for future endeavors. Where do I begin…???

I guess I will just start at the top and take you through what was a week that will remain with me for a long time.

From what was an awesome week, didn’t really get off to a great start with a flight delay that left me in Maryland for a whole day at my connection. I was supposed to arrive in Vegas around 2pm on Tuesday so I could spend the day and night with Kat St. James, whom I hadn’t seen in what felt like forever.

Well, I didn’t get to her place until almost 8pm. It was like no time had passed. She was just as gorgeous as I remembered, just as sweet and her cute little smile gets me every time. I couldn’t wait to get into the bathroom and brush my teeth so I could take this hot woman into my arms and kiss her. We had a good evening hanging out, watching movies, catching up and her bf made us an awesome taco salad. Now a recipe I make all the time. We didn’t really have much alone time, so we planned that for over the weekend at the hotel.

Wednesday we spent time hitting up some cool thrift stores, getting Thai food for lunch and then sushi for dinner before I had to head to the hotel and check in. I had a session that evening and needed time to shower and prep.

Thursday I was able to sleep in until about 11am as I had another session. I was trying to get my work done early in the trip so I could party and just enjoy myself, which I tend not to do at these parties. I usually work myself crazy with sessions and shoots and then feel like, “where did the weekend go?” Well, not this time. I deserved fun too. I am not a drinker by far, but I did enjoy a few glasses of wine (very rare for me) but it felt good to just let go and party with my friends and just relax.

After my morning session, I headed to the airport to pick up Johnny (FLAPaddler) and Robert (CTPhotographer). We stopped on the way back to grab some groceries. When we got back I ran into my sister, Princess Kelley, we hugged and did some catching up before Johnny and I headed out to the Bellagio to see Cirque Du Soleil “O”. I thing I can tell why it is called “O,” I think my mouth was in a permanent state of “Oh my god, this is incredible!!!” from the moment the curtain opened. All I have to say is WOW; it was one of the best performances I have ever seen. Here me and Johnny are outside of the Bellagio after the show and then me with the tickets inside.

Thursday night when we got back, it was time for suite parties. I pretty much stayed in the suite parties hosted by Joe and Ten, and Korey and James (of Stormy Night Publications). Here is Korey’s awesome blog. Midnight Flogging was on the schedule for the evening. Although I wasn’t really feeling it, I still went, participated for a bit, and stayed up in the suite until about 4am. Here I am in the flogging line up (photo by CTPhotographer)

I talked with friends…

…got flogged, played with Johnny, and just had fun. Me and Johnny after the flogging event (photo by CTPhotographer)

Friday I had a couple of sessions in the afternoon and then had to get ready and prep for the vendor’s fair. I was going all out with a vintage look and needed time to curl my hair.

The vendor’s fair was fun. My table was hopping almost the whole time. I sold a lot of DVDs and implements. I was lucky I had Benman, Vboy,  and Robert there to help with sales and organization.

The buffet was yummy and I had fun getting my photo taken with my friends as well (by CTPhotographer). From left to right, Me and Erica Scott, Me with Johnny and Christina Carter.

From left to right, me and Princess Kelley, then me and Veronica Ricci

Me and Robert, Me, Johnny, and Speer

Me and Christy Cutie, then me and Christina Carter

Getting spanked by Speer

After the vendor’s fair it was time for suite parties. I headed to Joe and Ten’s and pretty much stayed there until about 2am. I had fun spanking Christina Carter who had arrived earlier that day. We had met before at Fetishcon 2012, but really didn’t talk at all, just said hi. It was a pleasure getting to know her and well, spank her. She is a sweetie.

Kat came around 11pm and we got to spend private time together as well (yippee!).

Saturday morning it was rise and shine and get ready time for my Shadowlane Shoot. I shot a totally amazing video with Christy Cutie, Joelle Barros, and Keith Jones, yes…THE Keith Jones! I had met him in the past, but hadn’t had the pleasure of being spanked by him. Also that fact that I bottom very rarely these days I was a little scared, as my tolerance is not what it used to be. He was an amazing spanker and had me mesmerized in the first swat to my bare bottom. After the video was over, we exchanged phone numbers and made plans to play later that evening.

After shooting for Shadowlane, I had a young lady coming to see me for a session. We had communicated over email and chatted briefly on the phone. She was very sweet and in dire need of punishment. I gave her one of her first real adult spankings. You can read about her experience HERE.

Then it was off to a suite party to make an appearance before heading out to prep for the Saturday night dinner/dance.

I went all out Saturday night for the Casino Royal Theme. I had an amazing time at the dinner; dancing, talking with friends, and not to mention the food was very yummy (thanks Tony and Eve for the great selection of food).

CTPhotographer took some amazing shots of me and my friends…

Top row right to left (me and Princess Kelley, Me and Erica Scott) Second Row (Lily Star, Robert, and me, Me and Mila Kohl) Third Row ( Me and Christina Carter) Fourth Row (me and Johnny, me and Robert), Last Row (me and Benman and me, Stevie, Kat, and DJBob)


Here in the group shot, Christina Carter, Johnny, me, Speer, and Stevie Rose.

It was also amazing to see and talk to one of my first mentors in the spanking scene, Mistress Stephanie Locke. Unfortunately we didn’t get to play, but seeing her was great.

Saturday night I left the dinner/dance with Keith Jones. We went to his room and had some private play time. I think he spanked me almost an hour of which put me into an incredible blissful state of subspace. Let’s just say, I was flying high on a spanking high. I was with him until about midnight because after we played we just layed on the bed and talked. After that he walked me back to my room so I could drop off some stuff and then we went to Joe and Ten’s suite. Up at the suite party I played with Johnny. Kat helped him with me until she headed to bed. I stayed up until about 4am again.

Sunday morning I did a photo shoot with one of my favorite photographers, Clicko. He took some pretty amazing shots of me that I have slowly been putting up on Fetlife.

After my shoot with Clicko, I shot for TripleAAA Spanking. I had shot for them 2.5 years ago when I was in England. We had touched base the night before at the dinner and booked the shoot. John Osborne and I shot some super amazing, sexy and HOT videos for his website. I had a lot of fun with the shoot and now I am planning another trip to the UK. I am looking at May 2014.

After my shoot for TripleAAA, I went to dinner with Johnny, Robert, Kat, Stevie, Speer, and Vboy. Vboy took the photo.

Sunday when we got back from dinner it was time for the PJ party. We all went and put our PJs on and went to the party. I spent some time spanking some naughty boys. That was a lot of fun. I gave vboy his long awaited right to the bare hard spanking. After doing a lot of topping I NEEDED a spanking and I wanted John Osborne from TripleAAA spanking to deliver. I had asked him to come to the PJ party with a plan in mind…little did he know I was going to ask him to play.

We went to the couch, I laid over his lap, and he gave me a wonderful bare bottom warm up spanking and gradually got a bit harder, just the way I like it. His hand felt amazing with each swat coming down on my blush pink behind, not to mention some wetness down below that was forming. I think he must have spanked me for an hour. After my spanking, we snuggled up and chatted while I came down from the great subspace I was in.

After sitting with him for awhile I wanted to get some play time with Oak as he was leaving soon for the airport. He came all the way from Denmark to these parties. He is an amazing spanker and flogger.

I went to bed very late once again. Monday we had a relaxing day. We went to the pool in the afternoon and then went out for Mexican food for lunch.

Here are some photos from the pool taken by CTPhotographer (this was totally not planned so I am not wearing makeup)

Monday night I had a session with Ben and then we went to dinner. We had some nice quality time together.

Later that night I wasn’t feeling too well and knew that we had to get up early the next morning, so I headed to bed early. I had trouble sleeping, so our initial plan to see sunrise over Red Rock Canyon was a no go, but Robert and I still got there and I got some great shots.

After spending some time shooting photos there, we headed back to the hotel to meet up with Kat and then went to the Famous Gold and Silver Pawn shop from the show, “Pawn Stars.” I love this show, so it was so cool to go to the shop.

After that we stopped at a vintage toy store where I bought a 1980s Cabbage Patch doll (yes I love them) and then we went to the official Mob Museum. There was a replica electric chair there and it was super cool to see and sit in. Yes I like restraints…hehe

Wednesday morning Robert and I headed home. Goodbye Vegas until next time.

5 thoughts on “Shadowlane Spanking Party

  1. NJSpank

    Wonderful and thank you for all the pics……just amazing, love you and the lovely Erica Scott and wow, you and the terrific, beautiful and kind Stephanie Locke, she is awesome.
    I am not sure where I like you better, over a lap or with someone on your lap…? Nice switch!

  2. Gord

    THANK YOU SARAH, for a great post, and all the pictures. I have said it before, and will say it again, you are a Godess !

    I am SO glad to hear you managed to have some fun while in Vegas, as you do so much for the spanking scene, you deserve some fun.

    Oh yes, it was great to see Christina Carter again, I managed to see some movies starring her from another company. She was a favorite of the owner / creator of said site, who unfortunately has passed away.


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