Crimson Moon Summer Spectacular

Basically Crimson Moon this summer can be summed up by this video…

My Momma (Dana) surprised me. She never comes to any of the summer parties because she is in Canada on vacation with her family. She is Canadian so she loves going home for the summer and leaving her spanking like behind. Last summer I was able to go and visit her there, but this summer it didn’t work out for a number of reasons. It was going to be 4 whole months until I saw my Momma again and that was killing me. She and GivanTake had been planning this since way back at the beginning of the year all so her and I could be together.

So basically Crimson Moon can be summed up as an awesome turn of events from which was going to be 100% a working party to some amazing times with Momma and Givan.

The actual party events were fun too. I was super excited that there were TWO Little’s events. I am really getting in touch with my “Little” side lately and developing that part of myself. I pretty much only feel comfortable going 100% into Little mode when I have my mommy or daddy with me. So having Momma was great.

Here are Momma and I at the Littles Party

Here is LittleAngelWings, J_Doggg, and I at the Little’s party

I did great at the Vendor’s fair and I got to wear my new Steampunk Corset that I had been dying to wear since February when I bought it. Did I mention I am super into Steampunk now too!!!

Momma and I did a cute skit for the Miss OTK competition. We didn’t win, but we had a great time.

Saturday night was the Black and Blue party to celebrate Crimson Moon’s 20th anniversary. I had fun taking pix with some of my fave people and listening to great stories from Crimson Moon years before I was legal…lol.

I did quite a lot of topping sessions and I got to try out my beautiful new Leather monogrammed paddles made especially for me by

I did an awesome bondage shoot for JBRoper with the super cute Christy Cutie who btw is one of my best friends.

I did have some emotionally difficult times throughout the weekend that I still can’t figure out. Momma helped me by giving me a hard no warm up spanking where I was able to just lay there and cry and get out my emotions. This helped a lot. She then held me while I cried and came donwn from my spanking. Sometimes this is just what I need to help me though difficult feelings and there are only certain people I trust to do this for me. For right now those people are Momma and Daddy.

On my last night I had a super amazing and relaxing time playing with my new friend and play partner FLAPaddler. He and I are going to Fetishcon together next weekend and I will be flying out tomorrow to stay with him in Miami for a few days. Yay for fun times with flogging and spanking and good friends.

Well that pretty much sums up Crimson Moon for you. I did do an awesome shoot outside in the nude again. I have posted some photos here  and here from the shoot

Off to Florida I go…..


3 thoughts on “Crimson Moon Summer Spectacular

  1. Tim

    Sarah a very enjoyable series with you and lovely little Christy being spanked together by mommy on Momma spankings ,she is so cute ,love and spanks,Timx


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