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So, if you haven’t already checked it out, Abigail and Audrey’s Spank that Brat blog is a really fun and interesting read. They both blog about each other and about fun times in the spanking world. This week they posted about me≥ I was very flattered to read what they wrote. And it is all true, we are growing to be very close friends and we had one of the best times with each other…for real. I love those two girls and Me and Abi def had some kind of brat chemistry thing going on, like she mentioned. I wanted to also post some photos that are now up on Spank That Brat as well as the first part of the video, “Last Resort,” in which I ask my college adviser, Audrey, for a spanking because nothing else seems to motivate me to go to class.

Enjoy these photos from that set. I chose a few favorites, you can see all of them at Spank That Brat

7 thoughts on “More with Spank that Brat

  1. Funbun

    Hi Sarah,

    I’m very happy the chemistry between all three of you was there. Guess it couldn’t be otherwise as there were three gorgeous and wonderful gils together to ‘endulge’ in their spanking passion.
    Wish I could be the first man to take you over my knee.. 🙂
    Although.. After watching the video, I saw that Audrey did a terrific job and gave you a good sound spanking on that naughty bum of yours.

    A classy video..!! One to cherish and watch again and again..!!

    Love and XXX, Funbun

  2. maddo

    The pics do look great Sarah. I especially like the sulky pout on the fourth pic, a classic shot of a beautiful girl about to be spanked. Love it! 🙂

  3. J

    I have to agree with maddo that 4th pic has the best pouty face ever! 🙂

    Loved the “Faces of Sarah Gregory” post over at the STB blog, hilarious, hot and adorable! 😉

    Glad you girls had such a good time together; you’re like a dream team or super group of the spanking world so I hope you get the chance to get together again soon.


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