Fun with Abi and Audrey….and more spanking

I am back with a few more cute photos from my trip to work for Spank That Brat.

What do you get when you get two bratty Christmas Elfs???

They skip around the hotel wishing everyone a “merry snow” before heading out for a snowball fight…yes I said snowball fight!

Then you get a not so happy Mrs Clause…

Which leads to a… (you will find out before Christmas on Spank that Brat.)

But oh these two elfs still had to show off they cuteness.

And of course Sarah misbehaves in school…once again…she just won’t learn will she?

And the paddle hurt so much…..I mean so much!

But she is still in good spirits and Abigail and Sarah do yet another scene wearing these outfits

13 thoughts on “Fun with Abi and Audrey….and more spanking

  1. maddo

    Gorgeous pictures Sarah! you both look great in them.looks like a lot of fun was had too hehe! thanks for posting them 🙂

  2. Mark

    You two look incredibly cute. I hope Mrs. Claus didn’t keep the look consistent by matching bare-bottom color to panty color. {grin}

  3. tim salisbury

    sarah lovely pics glad you enjoyed your trip to audrey and abi i note you had some ice on your hot bottie did audrey give big spanks toyou both it looks like it lol will watch out for video s on it soon love from tim.

  4. LordHardHand

    I’m glad someone is punishing you naughty elfs. But as usual you look so cute being spanked. Thanks for posting those pics, you look great being spanked bending over that chair.


  5. Winchester

    Great fun photos – no doubt great fun films to follow on spank that brat: looking forward to them! Glad you enjoyed the company so much – even hough you discovered that paddles can hurt!!!

  6. Sarah Gregory Post author

    maddo – Thank you so so much. It was a lot of fun. You are very welcome. Always my pleasure to post pics of my fun times and painful times getting spanked.

    Mark – Oh she did match our bottoms to the color of her hat….owww!

    J – awww thanks (as I blush)

    Tim – Oh yes, big and painful spanks. I think possibly in the top few of the most painful spankings I have received since starting in the biz. But I still enjoyed it, even if in the moment of being spanked, I dreaded each whack.

    Pixie – Yes we were very naughty elves…hehe.

    LordHardHand – Thank you and yes we were punished for being the naughty elves we were being. But you will have to wait for Christmas to see it.

    Winchester – Yes and I discovered the cane for the first time….and what a horrible sting.

    CJC – Maybe you will one day. I would like that too. The future hopefully holds lots of spankings with lots of spanking stars. I plan on doing this for a very long time….it is what makes me happy and gives me stuff to look forward to and plan for.

  7. LordHardHand

    I can’t wait ’till Christmas… LOL! I hope you were sent to the corner for a while before you got the ice pack.


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