Day #1 shooting for Spank That Brat….

Today I shot with Abigail and Audrey of Spank That Brat. They are so welcoming and nice people. They are going to be life long friends… was made obvious upon our first meeting of each other.

When we arrived for the shoot at the house we were using we had a huge decision to make. Of course when getting ready for a spanking shoot there is 1 think that all spankos must do….it is really really difficult…but it has to be done. The big decision?

panties Oh the choices……

Then me and Abi decided to pose for the camera displaying for you our large choice of panties.


After the clothing decisions were made and scene ideas (which by the way we did some awesome and creative scenes and we will be doing more in the morning) we got right down to business…well almost right down to business. Us girls had some much fun laughing and joking around on set as well, which always makes for a fun filled day of shooting.

I will post some pics from the actual spankings later this week, but here is my poor bottom after day #1 (Audrey is a hard spanker…..wowzers!)


What a fun day! (oh and painful too)


9 thoughts on “Day #1 shooting for Spank That Brat….

  1. Sidney

    Amazing … Thanks for sharing!

    Was thrilled to have just discovered STB/MAS and am thrilled to find others on/through them.

    Super excited and looking forward to SOO much more 🙂

  2. Dr. Ken

    I don’t know if they got used in a scene, but I think the “Hello Kitty” panties are cute….

    As for the lovely photo of your bottom….wow! “Hard day at the office, dear?”

    Dr. Ken

  3. LordHardHand


    Thanks for sharing, specially right after the shoot so we could see how red and well spanked your behind was. Once again awsome work.


    p/s: I just did a spanking of my own… a friend who misbehaved came over and got the belt after a bare butt spanking… (unfortunately no pics or video LOL!)

  4. Winchester

    I am so delihgted that you have caught up with Audrey and Abigail. They are just one lovly couple – and I do hope the friendship really develops. I wondered how you would find Audrey’s spanking – and your bottom after day one showed that she is no limp wrist (as Abigail once described her I believe). But that there was to be a day two means that there was at least as much pleasure as pain….:-)

    I really don’t know why you need so many pairs of knickers (panties) when their they are only for temporary wear anyway : they always seem to come off! But perhaps it makes you feel more feminine -and if your get to choose them (rather than your spanker) then there is still something of which you are in charge.

    I look foreard to seeing you on Spank that Brat – and to more of your posts describing the weekend.

  5. Audrey Knight

    Oh Sarah! You were such a sweetheart. Thank you so much for coming out and shooting with us. You have a wonderfully spankable bottom and you’re just so cute when you’re spanked! I love it!

    The best part about spanking you was meeting and growing to adore the amazing person you are! I feel like I’ve made a friend for life and I can’t wait to see you again! Next time we’ll schedule in time just to hang out and have fun! You were so enthusiastic and creative and just really, really lovable… You have Abi and me wrapped around your little finger!

    Big hugs,


  6. Mark


    It looks like Audrey is a pretty hard spanker. Did it fill that need you were talking about a couple months ago?


  7. Sarah Gregory Post author

    Sidney – Thank you and I am glad you discovered them too and there are new pics of me up on STB, let me know what you think.

    Tim – You’re welcome!!!

    Dr. Ken – No they didn’t yet, but thanks for letting me know, I will be sure to use them in a scene! Yes, very hard days at the office….owww!

    LordHardHand – Thank you. I have just as much fun posting and sharing about my shoots as I am sure you do reading and looking at the photos. There are always so many pics I want to post but then there would be too many….lol….so I gotta pick out the faves.

    Winchester – I am glad too that I have met them and the friendship will develop a great deal. Panties are such a fun part about being a spanking model…..they just are. I always find it important to make them match my outfit too and even with them aroun my knees, they still gotta be cute and match…hehe.

    Audrey – Thanks for the comment. I am blushing while reading it. I am so happy that you both liked me so much and happy you liked spanking me….hehe….I feel honored. You are an amazing person too. I can’t wait to see you again. I agree, we do need more time to just hang out next time. I had so much fun creating and thinking of fun ideas too. Hugs back to you!

    Mark – yes…totally…now I want more…lol. But not for at least a week as I still hurt a bit.


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