5 thoughts on “On my way to meet Abi and Audrey

  1. LordHardHand

    Enjoy your trip and don’t forget the extra pillow so you can sit (kinda) confortaby after the spanking sessions… LOL!

  2. Matt

    Hi Sarah! I am a little late for ‘lurkers’ day, but I wanted to say that I think you are absolutely adorable and I have become a big fan of your spanking work. I first saw you on Punished Brats and I find you very charismatic and funny. I just joined Spank that Brat so I am definitely looking forward to seeing you on that site too.

    Keep up the awesome work!

  3. Sarah Gregory Post author

    LordHardHand – I won’t…lol…I need it now as I type this…owwwww.

    Matt – Yay, awesome. So glad you like my work. Glad you posted here. Let me know what you think of my stuff on Spank that Brat when it is updated on there.

  4. tim salisbury

    oh dear sarah you will need that soft cushion lol audrey i note gives very,very big spanks to young abi as you no doubt found out darling i belong to spank that brat which is very enjoyable i recommend spankos to joinit love from tim.


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