November 11th, LOVE OUR LURKERS Day!

I was inspired to post this after reading about Love our Lurkers day. This is a day where all the readers who lurk around blogs are celebrated and encouraged to post a comment. Sorry that this is a day late as I never received an invite to be a part of this and would have loved to. Well, I am posting now, as it is already November 12th, but only by a couple of hours. I would love to hear from those who lurk around my page. I know that some of you don’t like to comment and that’s ok, I would just love to see you say hi. I love getting comments and I also love more knowing that what I write is being read. So, in celebration of you, drop a line. You don’t have to put an email address or website, just a name of your choosing. I look forward to hearing from everyone.
Thank you to all who read my blog, I appreciate it a bunch. I love to share about myself and love to know others like to read about me.

15 thoughts on “November 11th, LOVE OUR LURKERS Day!

  1. ...


    Your blog is on my list of spanking blogs that I check daily for new posts… I just never comment for some reason. You rock!


  2. Dr. Ken

    Hi, Sarah! A very happy LOL Day to you…whether it’s a few hours late or not.
    The way I look at it, until I put up a new post, it remains LOL day!
    I enjoy your blog very much….

    Dr. Ken,
    Spanking Minnesota

  3. Professor Moriarty

    Hi, Sarah. I have been lurking for a while, but I’ve been a fan of yours for some time. I’m not surprised that you enjoy theatre, because you bring a reality and intensity to your videos that few other performers do. Keep it up!

  4. J

    Dunno if I count as a lurker either but I think you’re doing a great job with the blog; it’s interesting, well written and updated frequently! Have you done a lot of writing before?

  5. LordHardHand

    In most of the other spanking sites I visit I am a lurker, but not here. Here I feel it will be unfinished business if I don’t leave a comment. You always do a great job.

  6. Mark

    Not quite a lurker, but an infrequent poster at best. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts, experiences, and photos with us.


  7. DrWHOmass

    I cross referenced your name on several model listing sites and discovered that you nest near my place of work and study. I am currently a tenured professor of art history at the University of Massachusetts. Unfortunately, considering our society’s contemporary “Work Safe” standards and “higher” academia’s le Fleur de Jest prestige, I cannot reveal my full title. However, I am always a supporter of local art and would like to make a donation to your cause. In studying the history of human “art” and visual communication, a matter of fact has been overwhelmingly made clear to me; all forms of documentation utilizing visual abstraction can be considered “art” (this definition is removed from literature and written documentation). Of course, nearly all of my colleges must disagree (le Fleur de Jest!) and they make it a point to viciously do so. After a rather unpleasant debate with a fellow here at Umass, I have decided to begin actively supporting the forms of expression I defend within academia. I support your method of expression as art (I’m a fan!) and I am very willing to donate to your cause. It is my goal as a teacher to encourage the creativity and mind expansion of young people. However, considering the nature of your expression, and my own predilection for it, I must at least try and satisfy a few of my own jollies. Fair? My friendly ultimatum is this: post a revealing photo set. Open the beautiful image of your fully nude body to this online community and you will be receiving a very hefty donation. Make the leap. I assure you the risk of my own dishonesty is very much worth the dollar figure I wish for you to receive. I urge you to consider the offer.

  8. Sarah Gregory Post author

    Wow, thanks everyone for saying hi and dropping by. I love to know that so many of you care about what I write and read my blog.

    Winchester – Hi again to you!

    … – cool, thanks.

    A.S.S – Glad you like the blog.

    Tim – Thanks a bunch.

    Dr. Ken – I agree with you…hehe. Thanks

    Steve – Thank you

    Kat – thanks

    Professor Moriarty – Glad you decided to comment. I appreciate the feedback on the theater. Thanks and cheers.

    Spankedhortic – You’re welcome

    J – Yes, I write a lot in my free time as well as when I was an undergraduate at college. Thank u for the comment and the positive feedback.

    LordHardHand – Awwwwww, I’m speechless. thank you hun!

    Mark – Thank you so so much!

    DrWhoMass – ummmm, I am going to email you. I would like to chat more about your comment. I appreciate your time and thoughts and I think you deserve a response better and bigger than what I can write in a comment reply.

    maddo – awww, thanks!


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