As most of you know, I am big into musical theater. I am a singer and actress. I love to be on stage just as much as I love to be in front of the camera. I am curious to know what people think when they see a spanking video that has a great spanking, but not the best acting as far as the scene goes vs. having the acting be wonderful. Does it make a difference in the “spanking world” as far as ability to act or is watching a good spanking all that matters? I know that a great spanking is what all spankos are into, but what about the theatrical aspect of it? I was drawn to doing the spanking videos because I have a passion for theater and love to get spanked, so put the two together and there I am.

These thoughts are raised in my head right now only because I was recently in a theater production. We closed the show this weekend after 2 months of rehearsals and 2 weekends of performances. We did the show “Princess Ida” by Gilbert and Sullivan. It was really a great experience and I met lots of amazing and wonderful people who I will be friends with forever. I was thinking how amazing it is that whenever I do a spanking shoot, I make lasting friendships, as whenever I am in a theater production, I make lasting friendships. I just think this is cool that the two places I feel most comfortable can come together when I do a spanking video (theater and spanking)

Well, here are a couple photos from the show….my make-up looks very weird because it was stage make-up so the stage lights wouldn’t wash me out.



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  1. LordHardHand

    The difference is that in the spanking videos most of us can’t get to the spanking scenes fast enough. Most of the time if we see the spankee putting her hand back to stop the whipping, paddling, hand spanking however its done, and she says she’s sorry and will be a good girl, or she start crying and shows that her butt is hurting buy rubbing her behind while going to the corner and/or at the corner the rest of the story can be over looked. So as long as the acting is good during the spanking we won’t worry about the rest. Sometime the stories are too long and the spankings too short.

  2. Steve (UK)

    Singer, actress and photographic model? Is there no end to your talents, Sarah?

    For me, there are two types of spanking video. There are the erotic and straightforward discipline scenes, where the spanking is all the focus, and little if any storyline is needed. Then there are the fun/fantasy and more elaborate discipline scenes in which the costumes and acting play a large part in making a good video.
    Although I tend to prefer the more straightforward spankings, I always enjoy watching a fantasy spanking scene which has a good story well presented.

    Does that help to answer your question?

  3. Funbun

    Hi Sarah,

    To me a spanking need to be as genuine as possible. I.e, ages, clothing, background, environment all is important. All need to fit the story. And the spanking itself needs to be realistic too. I watched a lot of spankings taking place when growing up and I NEVER saw the stereotype “over skirt or pants, over panties, on the bare, with the hand, with the brush, with the stap, with the cane, etc” that is commonly used in spanking videos. I know the reason why this is done, but it still ruins most spanking videos.

    A mom who is cross with her daughter would normally yank her across her knee, whisk up her skirt, pull down her panties and give her a firm spanking on her bare buttocks. With others present, she might save the girls modesty by leaving her panties in place.

    I have seen most of the videos in which you are spanked (as you are one of my favorites) and like most. Even across the knee you combine spanking with acting as you yell and struggle and make sure it looks you’re being spanked for being naughty. (Whilst I know you like it to get your bum smacked).

    So, yes it makes a HUGE difference, the one or the other spanking movie. Rosaleen Young was one of the very few who understood, but she left the scene frustrated as she was not allowed (by the spanking site bosses) to really make spanking films. She made only two and they belong to the very best ever produced…

    The spanking INDUSTRY has to cater for so (too) many tastes, that they create “something for everybody” in every movie, which kills most of that movie to most people watching it. All getting frustrated by the very small section they like in particular.

    I like to see a girl being taken over the knee, struggling, begging and pleading not to get spanked.
    Like to see the Top progressing with her intentions and saying so: “It’s too late now, you’re going to get a good hard spanking on your bare bottom!”
    Like to see the buttocks bared and a real firm spanking to take place.
    Afterwards I love to see the repentant girl being pampered and kissed as all is over now. She has been punished and all is good again.

    A long answer, but this really comes from my heart and you asked… 🙂

    Would love to correspond more with you. In particular about feelings. But that might be more suitable in private correspondence..

    XXX, Erik aka Funbun

  4. Alan Boatsman

    I dabble in writing screenplays, so for me it means a lot if there is a bit of a story as well as performers who can bring it to life. I understand that productions face difficult constraints (timing, budget, editing, etc.) so that there are limits on what can be done. But I like companies that mix it up a bit.

  5. Alan Boatsman

    P.S. Isn’t Princess Ida like Twelfth Night? Lots of gender-bending? Who did you play – a man, a woman, a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman?

  6. tim salisbury

    sarahi love your spanking videos you act like a naughty little girl in them across another girls knees receiving big spanks i note you will be with audrey and abi soon shall out for that.i like a bit of a story in the videos love from tim.

  7. Sarah Gregory Post author

    Wow, I appreciate everyone’s thoughts and responses. I want to spend more time replying and I will at a later date. I have been spanked all day and am way to tired to do that now. I am sorry. Check back for my responses later this week….I promise!

  8. a

    Acting is the antithesis of what I want.
    I want real spanking. If it is not hard and fast, then it is not real.
    Good photography.
    No painted ass.


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