Happy Mother’s Day from Momma Spankings

I hope everyone is having a wonderful mother’s day whether they be celebrating with their biological mother, chosen mother, children, or someone special. I am spending the day with my biological mother, but that doesn’t mean that Momma, isn’t in my thoughts throughout the day. I wanted to dedicate this post to her and to momma spankings, my new website.

So, Thank you Momma for always being there, for loving me no matter what, for choosing me as your baby girl, and for all you do. I love you!

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9 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day from Momma Spankings

  1. Momma

    Thank you Baby Girl for the sweet post on your blog especially for me. Having you for a daughter has given me so much pleasure. It’s wonderful to be a Mom to a special, beautiful, talented girl and watch you “grow up” along our journey. There have been some rough spots but our love for each other took us through them and made our bond stronger. I love you and I’ll see you real soon! xxxx

  2. RoRo

    Sarah, What a beautiful post. You and your Momma are amazing together, you both have a bond to eachother that will stay no matter what. Its a pleasure to know and see the Love the two of you have for eachother.
    Momma, perfect comment, like i said is amazing seeing the two of you together.

  3. Paul Down

    Hi Sarah
    Sarah , you and Dana are without doubt the finest Mommy Daughter spanking duo ever. It is clear you have a perfect understanding of each other and I love to see you berated and spanked in all your scenarios together. But might I make a plea for you to sometimes wear nothing below your jammies when such spankings occur.

    I know from a recorded discussion on Richard Windsors site that Dana likes you to do this and respect the fact that you wish to please your ‘Momma’ but please Sarah can we see you getting spanked in just your pyjamas once or twice, much in the same manner as you have been in the two excellent vids toy did for Shadowlane in the past.

    I do hope you can manage to do this in the near future, it would certainly enhance my enjoyment of an already enjoyable scenario involving you and Dana.

    regards to you both Paul.

    ps could you please right a quick reply yo this post if you have the time.

  4. NJSpank

    Hi Sarah,

    Terrific message.

    I just love the new site, am a member and the clips and scenes are amazing. The best two ladies in the scene, hot.

    Thank you

  5. Tim

    Sarah you receive very big spanks from Tasha as your strict but nice Auntie who knows whats best for her favourite little niece ,love and spanks from ,Timxx

  6. Tim

    Sarah i have joined your new site nice ,the only disappointment was that Christy Cutie is not on vids there ,i saw a still showing her with you being spanked together advertizing your new site ,perhaps she might come on yet ,love and spanks,Timxx


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