Available for customs

Hey everyone, If you have always wanted to write your own spanking fantasy and have myself with other models shoot it, now is your chance. I will be staying with and shooting with a variety of well know fetish models on my travels, these include, Candle Boxxx, Orias, Whitney Morgan, Ashley Graham, Roxie Rae and maybe more as it gets closer. So, if you have any ideas and can provide the funding to shoot it, please email me at sarahgregory02@gmail.com

Here are some photos of the girls from Sarah Gregory Spanking


Hugs and Spanks, Sarah

5 thoughts on “Available for customs

  1. NJSpank

    You are amazing, thanks for the opportunity.
    I am thinking about a local theater and a musical and a few naughty ladies who are not rehearsing properly!?


  2. Mark Byrnes

    Dear Sarah
    BEWITCHED-I’m Going To Put You Acoss My Knee -You Tube.
    Eventually Sooner or Later You Will Have To Face A Little Sarah Just Like You And She Devise A Custom You Won’t Talk Your Way Out Of In A Million Years.


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