Visit with Daddy

I just got back from a long 3 weeks of working, shooting, and having fun. I started my travels in Florida and ended in Dallas with Daddy. It had been 6 months since I saw him and boy was I happy to be back in his arms and back over his lap again.

We had loads of play time, lots of nights of watching Gossip Girl together as I fell asleep in his arms, good homemade food (esp desserts),

and lots of great videos that we shot. It was one of the best trips I have been on in a long time. As many spankings and cuddles with daddy as a girl could want…how lucky was I?

Here are some sneak peak photos from our shoots.

This was our second to last night together

I miss him loads and can’t wait til I see him again.

8 thoughts on “Visit with Daddy

  1. Tubaman

    That was a memorable ten days!!!! May have been the best ten days of my life.
    I already miss you so much, SweetCake! And your POOR bottom!!!! Whew!
    She got spanked several times a day, every single day, though near the end of the trip I took it a little easier on her so her MOMMA would have something left to spank!
    Aren’t I a sport?

    I love you, Sweetcake!


  2. Tim

    Sarah,verynice and with your little girl riends being spanked together ,plenty of well spanked botties on your gt spanky site ,ove and spanks from ,Timxx


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