Vanilla Vacation

Hey all, I know I am super late on this post as I have been on many lately, but s they say better late than never.

This past August I had the amazing opportunity to visit my Momma (Dana) at her summer trailer and have some good old vanilla fun. My trip to New Brunswick, Canada included, picking blueberries, sleeping in, going to Prince Edward Island, eating lobster, taking lovely photos, seeing the sunrise on the beach, getting bitten by mosquitoes, taking a dip in the ocean, eating good food, watching good movies, playing apples to apples, good conversation, not having to blow dry my hair or wear makeup, and most important of all, RELAXATION.

I arrived on a Sunday night and Momma and her son, whom I will call J for now as I am not sure I am allowed to use his name, picked me up at the airport. I had to fly into Halifax since it was way less expensive so we had a 3 hour drive that didn’t get us back to her trailer til after midnight. It was so amazing to see her since I hadn’t seen her since mid June and this was mid August. It was her first time seeing my natural brown hair back as well and she loved it. We took a photo that night when we got in in front of her famous sign at the trailer.

We stayed up late hanging out and chatting as well. I really liked the trailer and the park, it was very quiet, relaxing, and a good place to have a break from life.

Now I don’t remember what days we did what as it all kind of blended together, so I will talk about the stuff we did instead of giving my usual day by day chronological stories.


We went on a 2 night trip to the Island to see the Anne of Green Gables Musical and visit the Anne of Green Gables Grounds. The story has always been a childhood favorite of mine. It was originally just going to be a trip with me and Momma, but her son, J, ended up coming along. I was a little upset at first, but I got over it as I know that it would help her out since she doesn’t like to do all that driving and he hadn’t been there before. I also was getting along with him really well and it kinda felt like he was becoming my brother. I mean I had been hoping on that time away from the trailer park to have our special cuddling bedtime spanking time that we had talked about possibly having if we spent a night or two away, but it wasn’t meant to happen I guess. I will just have to wait til October when she comes back to Connecticut to see me for that.

Well, we spent our first night in Charlottetown. That is where we saw the musical. Being a HUGE musical theater girl, I LOVED seeing this. The music was great as was the dancing and acting. After the show we headed to our next location which was Cavendish, checked into the hotel and then went to have am amazing Lobster Dinner, it is pretty famous actually (you pay one price for the lobster and then you get unlimited chowder, salad, muscles, and dessert). Cavendish is the location where the author, L.M. Montgomery was from and where she got her inspiration for the Anne books.

Here Momma and I are standing in front of the house of Green Gables.

We toured around the grounds and it was very educational and fun. Inside the house I saw this and had to take a photo, as I am sure many of you can guess why it fascinated me…..hehe.

We went into the barn and I also have a strange fascination with leather, so when I saw the horse stuff in the barn hanging there, I was displeased to see a riding crop….but still the look and smell of leather….mmmm (reminds me of spanking. It is amazing how so many things in this world do)

There were so many lovely flowers around the grounds that I enjoyed taking photos of.

Such a fun time on the island we had.


A couple of fun times stand out in my mind as I look back on my photos and they were picking blueberries with her son. We had to walk down this pathway for over 20 minutes before we started to see the wild blueberries.

After what felt like walking forever and bending over and picking for what seemed forever, I had a bucket of blueberries to be proud of.

I didn’t like the mosquito bites, purple feet, and backache that came with the picking, but it was still fun and Momma made 2 whole blueberry pies and blueberry pancakes the next morning…mmmmm

Here I am finishing the first pie that she had made earlier in my trip.(I did gain a little weight while there that I think I have managed to take most of it off since then).

I also took some great photos of her sister-in-laws cats. She asked if I would come over and do this for her, so since I love photographing animals, I said, why not.

I got to try new foods that I hadn’t had before, such as homemade pot roast, new veges, homemade Boston baked beans, and beer can chicken.

My bed was super comfortable.

Only downfall was having to turn it back into a couch every morning and then back into a bed at night.But I became quite good at it as the week went by.

I even took a photo of someone laundry as I thought it had artistic appeal.

My last evening there were a few HUGE surprises. The fact that we were having lobster for dinner was a big surprise.

And….the fact that Momma spanked me was the biggest surprise as she had made it clear no spanking at the park and it could be heard. But it was a week night and she said most of the trailers on her side were empty that night, so we lucked out. (this photo was actually taken the next day, but it was the only spanking one I have)

On my last day, we all got up at 5:30am to walk down to the beach and watch the sunrise. Of course we went back to bed after, but it was gorgeous. I have never seen a sunrise before.

What a fun trip. I was already invited for next summer, so I need to start looking at dates, since certain things are already set in stone such as Fetish Con, Crimson Moon, and July 4th weekend with my real mom.

13 thoughts on “Vanilla Vacation

  1. Jack

    Just saw a pic of you being spanked by an older, dark haired woman with a bath brush on caned.tumbr. Very hot pic.
    Can’t find it on your vid site.
    Does the vid exist?

  2. Gord

    Hi Sarah;

    As a Canadian myself ( in Manitoba, 4 provinces to the west of New Brunswick), I am pleased you enjoyed seeing part of my country. It’s also an honor to know you and I were in the same country, even if it was just for a little while. Thanks for having such a great blog.

    Take care, Gord.

  3. Momma

    Hi baby girl,

    Just read your blog about our fun times at the trailer. How sweet! I’ve got tears in my eyes remembering all the good times we had during your visit. Thanks for the beautiful memories and for sharing your fun time in Canada with your many fans.


    Momma xxxx

  4. AK

    Hi Sarah
    Love the pictures, you are a very beautiful young lady with make up and without.I hope
    you come back to Canada again and see some more of the country.
    Take care
    Love AK

  5. NJSpank

    Just lovely post of two wonderful and besutiful ladies, love it and so glad you had such a terrific and relaxing time. Just wonderful. Must say love the panties on the cloths line and I bet that spanking felt nice.
    Wonderful post and thanks for sharing.

  6. BlueMark


    Very nice photos. I especially like the ones of the sunrise and the Siamese cat in the grass. Thanks for sharing your life with us.



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