I am so sorry that I didn’t finish my posts on TASSP. After I got back from the party I was dealing with some family drama and that sort of took a lot out of me, Pretty much right as the drama was slowly settling down, I jumped a plane for a month long shooting/spanking tour. I spent the last couple weeks in California shooting. I just got to Chicago for Crimson Moon, and next I go to Fetish Con, so to say I am super busy is an understatement. I will try to get some stories from my current travels posted and then get back to TASSP with some more photos when I can breath. For now to see some of my current photos and more from TASSP, go to my fetlife.

This was taken last week by Deezimages for Code Word Squirrel.Squirrels on Film (coming soon!)

2 thoughts on “Sorry….

  1. tim

    Sarah youre forgiven,we know you are a very busy girl shooting for your great site with spankings galore with little cuties well spanked ,love and spanks,Timxx


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