Spanking Travels: Part 3 (Boardwalk Badness Weekend)

And onward to Atlantic City I went. I flew home from San Diego Seaside Swats on the red eye Monday evening. I was home in CT for a day, then on Wednesday turned around and took a bus to AC for BBW. My brother, IMLX picked me up at the bus station. After driving around for awhile trying to pick up a few food items and find my Momma her chardonnay, we headed to the hotel. We spent the first night relaxing, taking it easy for the most part. I got to see/hang with my Momma which was great.

Thursday I did a couple of sessions and then got ready for the early registration that was around dinner time. That was fun, I got to see so many of my spanking friends. When I saw Erica Scott we ran into each others arms and hugged as we jumped up and down.

I was so excited to see her. I sat and ate with my good friend and play partner Benman which was nice. I saw Ten and we spent some time chatting. I also met some new people. Thursday night after the mingling,  there was a suite party in which Momma and I were doing a demo of hairbrush spanking. Momma talked about how to spank someone safely with a hairbrush, about proper warm up before wailing away and about knowing how intense you should go and reading the subs body language to gauge it. Many Party go-ers crowded around to watch us.

I also did some shooting with Ten for Sarah Gregory Spanking. This is a video where we play roommates, me a kinky spanking model and her a vanilla girl. She is mocking me and saying how I have the easy life and get paid all this money to just take a little spanking and how she would trade places with me any day. So I challenge that by making her take a spanking and see just how easy it is and she realized how wrong she was.

On Friday, I did an early double session with Givan and Dana. We did some fun role playing where Givan was the naughty school boy, me his teacher and Dana the strict principal. Then Dana and I joined Benman, BradD, and a few others for a nice lunch.

Here I am with Benman (taken Saturday night)

Friday evening was the Vendor’s fair and dinner. I sold quite a few DVDs as well as Cane-iac implements. I also bought a few new implements to add to my HUGE collection. but I feel that one can never have too many implements for spanking.

Momma and I had some spanking fun in front of my vendor’s table as we always do. e enjoy this and it draws a crowd.

Momma and Erica looked so pretty Friday night in their red dresses so we had to get a photo all together.

Saturday evening after the vendor’s fair I went into more of a little head-space. I had a very stressful day and with having been around people and stuff for almost 2 weeks straight I was feeling emotional and kind of a little down, not really knowing why. I feel that going into more of a little mode when I am like this offers me a healthy escape and allows me to let go of some of my inner control and just be. I changed into my Pink heart PJs, put my hair in pigtails and stuck my pacifier in and went to the suite parties. I was not in the mood to top at all or really play much with anyone whom I didn’t feel super close to. I did have a very relaxing flogging from Fineous though.

Saturday I slept in and then did a session. Next was the bad boys party. I was very busy for this entire hour and was sad that there was just not enough time to give every naughty boy lined up to see me enough time and some I didn’t even get to. But I did promise some of the naughty boys more play that night and followed through on all of my play dates. I wore my new polka dot corset to the bad boys party.

After that I went to chill out and have some down time. Miss Lisa let me use the bathtub in her suite and I was very grateful for that.

I arrived later than I had wanted to the Saturday night festivities, but I really needed some down time. I sang during their talent contest which was fun. I also took some fun photos with Ten and Lilia.

Momma and I took some fun photos as well in our Saturday evening wear. We both put a lot of time and thought into our outfits.

Also my mentee and one of my submissives, Vboy was able to attend and we had a great time together except for the times I had to discipline him…I hope he learned his lesson. He also saw my Momma for a discipline session.

Saturday evening I went to the suite parties mainly as a top. I played with a few of the naughty boys whom I didn’t get to at the bad boys event. I also had met the famous video star Ralph Marvel and had really wanted to talk with him more and get spanked by him. I approached him and wanted his spanking to be my last of the night. I found him when I was ready to end my suite party fun and we went to my room. He gave me a great spanking and we must have chatted for over an hour. It was a blast getting to know him and I hope to keep him as a friend. Maybe he and I will even do some shooting for my website, he said he was interested.

On Sunday I woke up sick 🙁 I came down with a cold and was up most of the night coughing. Momma said I should go on the cruise as the fresh air would be good for me since I hadn’t been outside all weekend.  I went, but didn’t play and just hung out and took some photos of the beautiful sunset.

Monday was a great day. I was feeling much better and was able to do some sessions and shoot a video with Momma an Givan. This will be called ‘An Old Fashioned Spanking’ and is now available on DVD and I will have them in Texas at the vendor’s fair. I play a spoiled brat who has her Momma fooled into thinking she is a little angel. When Momma is away at work I turn into a back-talking brat of a girl. My uncle Givan decides that the best way to deal with me is with good old fashioned spanking. When Momma comes home to find him spanking me, she is shocked at what she sees, “Why are you spanking my little angel?” she questions. Well she is informed that I am not such the angel she though and she agrees that although she hasn’t spanked me before, it is what I need to be a better girl. She spanks me in from of uncle Givan, she gives me the dreaded hairbrush on my bare bottom, Momma and uncle Givan both give me the belt as well as spank my over both of their laps very fast and hard. This is one hell of a good movie.

Speaking of my Momma, I am in California at her house right now for the week. I am so happy to get to spend her birthday with her which is Monday the 28th. Her husband and I are going to dinner with her Saturday night to celebrate. I can’t wait to give her the gifts I have. One is very special and I made it. I am sure she will post a photo of it in her diary on her website once she opens it. The card I gave her for mothers day made her tear up I hear. I also recorded a cd for her of a few songs that she loves. One of them is called, Somewhere Out There, and I sang this for her at my voice lesson in March when she came to visit me and it made her cry, she was so touched. I am posting a music clip of the song I sung for her here.The other favorite song that she has that I do is ‘Don’t Know Why’ by Norah Jones. I recorded this for her too.

Somewhere Out There

Don’t Know Why

We are doing lots of double sessions as well as shoots and I will be talking about these in my next blog post.

5 thoughts on “Spanking Travels: Part 3 (Boardwalk Badness Weekend)

  1. tim

    Sarah ,nice post ,you had a spanking good time ,look forward to the vids on your grand site with Ten and other little cuties ,love and spanks ,Timxx

  2. AK

    Hi Sarah
    Love the pictures, the one with the soother in your mouth is priceless.And you sure look sexy in your
    red corset.It seems like you travel a lot,don’t you
    ever get a chance to just stay home and relax?
    Take care and keep smiling


    Mirror Mirror On The Wall Who Is The Fairest And Naughtiest Girl In All Land. It’s None Other Than That Girl With The Wild Hair The Beautiful Sarah Gregory …THAT’S WHO.


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