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I have so much to blog about and tell you all. I really want to do a detailed post on my MOMMA’S visit here. She was here with me at my house for a full week and I have lots of stories and photos to post, so that will be coming soon. I also have some new websites I am opening.

But…….in the meantime, I am sure that you are all curious about the “Princess Kelley Drama” and why things are suddenly changed and we are getting along. I decided a couple of weeks ago to send Kelley a Fetlife message thanking her for all the help she was giving my Daddy with the new Texas All State website. I said that I know we hated each other, but that I love Paul, my Daddy, and that she was really helping and making his life easier, so I was thankful for that. We started talking for the purpose of practicality of planning TASSP. We were both promised the same job and were both being hidden from each other. In all actuality, Paul is really the one to blame for all the drama and hate between me and Kelley. He lied to both of us. I am working on my forgiveness of him and will be able to, but it will take time and I am still emotionally healing from all of this. Him and I still have a lot to talk about and it kind sucks that I won’t see him til June.

After putting a lot of thought into it all, I realized, what good is it doing for anyone to put that much time and effort into hating someone and being that bitter. So Kelley and I continued to write back and forth. Each message was becoming longer and longer. We both realized that none of this was either of our fault and we began the process of forgiveness and not hating each other. We have decided for the greater good of OUR DADDY and the spanking scene and for each other to be sisters. If we were going to have to accept each other’s presence and share Paul, we would have to come to this decision. It was Kelley who asked if she could put that she is my sister on Fetlife and I was happy to do so. We have had two phone conversations and I have really enjoyed talking with her and feel that there is potential for a long lasting friendship. We are so much alike in so many ways, it seems. So, her and I will be helping OUR Daddy, Paul, to host this years Texas All State Spanking Party. We are even going to be kicking off the Saturday night dinner show that I am MC-ing with a duet. Since we are both singers, it was only natural. You don’t wanna miss this, it’s gonna be amazing and the song is perfect, but it’s a surprise.

She has created this totally amazing promo clip for the party. I was blown away by it, really I was and kinda jealous that I don’t have a totally awesome promo. But I hope to film one maybe with my Momma when I see her in April. But here is the promo from my sister and my daddy:

Also, wanted to throw in the Promo for TASSP that I shot with Bob The DJ while I was out in California in February.

So, yes this is all good news, but yes I am still healing from the hurt and pain I experienced when I learned of what had been going on and covered up. Good can come from bad…..but it all takes time. I believe everything happens for a reason….so while I am still trying to figure all that out, I am happy that I have gained a friend and sister and look forward to the journey of getting to know each other.

Here is a link to her blog post about all of this.

6 thoughts on “My new Sister

  1. tim

    Sarah i managed to get on your website ,thank goodness,nice promo vids for the party,glad you have both made up ,Kelley is a nice little girl ,perhaps you could spank each other on your site?love andspanks,timxx

  2. Kelley

    Hey Sweetie,
    Thank you for writing this. It means a lot to me, and just as I wanted to let my fans know that you were not at fault for what had happened, it means a lot to me that you set the record straight and explained that I wasn’t in the wrong in all of this either. 🙂
    I have really enjoyed getting to know you and I can’t wait to get to know you even better soon.
    Biggest Hugs,
    Your new baby sister,

  3. tim

    Sarah i cannot get on your website again that blasted security does not allow my codes yet i am a member please help me,this is so frustating i have had a terrible bereavement ,best from ,timxx


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