A Visit with my Momma

As promised I’m back with a post about my time staying with my Momma. I did visit Kat St. James and Clare Fonda while on the west coast as well and I will share those adventures with you too in another post later this week. It will give me stuff to do since I am sick this weekend with bronchitis.

I arrived to my Momma’s on February 18th. I got off the plane and eagerly skipped down to baggage where she was waiting for me with open arms. I dropped my bag and have her the biggest hug ever. While we waited for the rest of my luggage we chatted a bit and I was just so happy. It had felt like so long since I saw her last and it had been since the Crimson Moon Spanking party in October.

We had a busy week planned with lots of sessions and shoots. Momma also wanted to make sure that I got on a better sleep schedule and had more structure in my life. A lot of my issues come from the simplicities of not having this kind of structure in my day to day life. My sleeping is all over the place along with my eating, not to mention forgetting my vitamins frequently, getting sick a lot, and running myself down with so much work and traveling. I love it, but still I need to learn to manage my time better and follow a schedule. When she comes here in a couple of weeks, she is gonna help me establish this structure at my home. It is one thing to do it with her out there, but to come home on my own and have the discipline needed to keep it up is hard work. I also am on a cleaning my room schedule where I have to send her photos of my room before and after once a week, as I struggle with this too. Once I get it clean, it doesn’t seem to stay….maybe because I have way too much stuff and keep buying more, lol. Here are some of my past before and after photos…see I can do it, it is just I have to do it every week. I hope I can learn to put things away right away so it doesn’t get like this. I guess when you aren’t taught something as a kid, it makes it harder later in life, but I am working on it.

So as you can see I have a big room and a lot of stuff. That doesn’t even include my dress closet in the other room and my costume fetish closet in the hallway. So I have my work cut out for me in keeping organized. Now that I shoot out of the house, I need to have lots of costumes and outfits available for models too, so that is partly why I have so much.

So..back to my visit with Momma. I got in early enough on Saturday the 18th that we had time to have a nice home cooked meal from Momma and she helped me unpack and put all my clothes away. While at her house I wasn’t allowed to just open my suitcases and live out of them in a messy way as I did while at Kat’s place. I usually do this while traveling, but Momma wouldn’t allow her baby girl to be that messy. She had a drawer cleaned out for me and the closet with some hangers. She marched me right into my room and helped me put everything away. Then I was told I needed to keep it this way or she wouldn’t give me the kind of spankings I like. Since it was my first night in and I missed her so much, she gave me the kind of Momma spanking I like so much, then I went to bed nice and early as we had a busy day the following day.

Sunday her husband who I also have a good relationship with, Momma, and I went to brunch and then to see the show Hairspray at a local theater. Then we went to dinner, it was a fun filled vanilla day that was very needed after coming from L.A. and having worked my ass off…..lol.

Monday, Momma and I went to the gym together, then came home to shoot a custom video. This custom was for the same client that I did Sarah’s Summer Spankings for. He is great as he gives a basic idea and let’s us improvise and come up with the video for the most part. We know that he likes scolding, full bottom white panties to be peeled down before each spanking, corner time, lots of short spankings in one longer film. So, he basically said Dana was my Mommy and gave me a bunch of little reasons I would be spanked and we came up with the rest. He wanted hand, hairbrush, and cane, so we made sure to include all. It will be a top seller as it has lots of hard spanking, many scenes, it is about an hour, a nude spanking scene on the wet bottom out of the bath, mouth soaping, hard caning, and lots of bare bottom spanking with kicking and sobbing. I will be selling it on DVD at the many vendor’s fairs coming up as I won’t be releasing it for a long time on my paysite. It will go up in Clips4sale though in the next couple of months. Dana will also be selling a copy of this DVD on her website. Here are some sneak peak photos from this video to be called, Sarah’s Strict Mommy.

Tuesday morning we started the day with a double session with one of Momma’s regulars. She did a nice write up of our session in her discipline diary on her website. But I had a great time. We both topped for this session. I bottomed for maybe a minute or two, but for the most part I was a top. The scene was set as I was being mentored and a student of Dana’s and she was teaching me and having me do what she was. It was a successful session for all. We started with 12 strokes of the cane from each of us. We each spanked him otk and then Momma and I had our naughty boy lay over the bed while we each stood on opposite sides of the bed, strapping him together. We switched off this way with other implements as well. I feel so blessed to be learning how to be a good top from my Momma, the famous Dana Specht, and from my Daddy, Paul. Both are so skilled and I feel so lucky to have such amazing teachers.

On Wednesday we did another double session with one of Momma’s regulars. We did a really fun role play. The young man played my supervisor. Basically in the office we work, it is common knowledge that spanking is the punishment for missed deadline and other infractions. It opens with me spanking him for missing his deadline, as we can spank each other when the other misses a deadline. Then, after he is spanked, I get spanked from him….it was my third time missing my deadline, and he isn’t going to let me pout my way out of it again. He already got spanked from the head supervisor the week before for being too lenient on me. Then, Miss Specht the main supervisor find me in the corner and doesn’t think he spanked me hard enough, she spanks me and then spanks him while I am standing near with my bare bottom readily available for her to smack with her left hand if I sass her. Momma and I have the clip of her spanking me for our sites and I have a couple of video grabs, but that is the best I can do for images.

Then on Thursday I knew what was coming. I had a real punishment coming from my Momma. She had never had to punish me for real, but this time due my thoughtless and unsafe behavior I deserved real punishment. I have posted a preview clip of this on spanking tube and have some photos and my story about what it was like, but I will save all that for my next blog update as it is intense and deserves it’s own post on this blog.

3 thoughts on “A Visit with my Momma

  1. Nooch256

    Hi Sarah!! Glad you are back safe and sound… Hope you are feeling better soon – – great post!

  2. Jerry

    Hi Sarah,

    Just had to say you look really good from ALL angles! I’m glad you got over your fear and “came out” so to speak in your twenties – we would all be very much poorer if you hadn’t.

    You do look particularly good (and convincing) in the school girl outfits and you either get very into it or you are a very good actress.

    I think I have to say that you have probably the best bum in the world and I’d pay a fortune to spank it!

    good luck and I look forward to more of your exploits

    best wishes,



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