Spanking 101 Clips

My Daddy’s Clips Store is open for business. There are currently 10 great clips in the store including, me, Chelsea Pfeiffer,Ten Amorette, Erica Scott, Nikki Rouge, Kat St. James, Kisa Korvin, Galas, and of course Paul “Tubaman” Rogers himself. More videos coming with Dana Specht. Miss Chris, Jenni Mack, Whitney Morgan, Ashley Graham, Leila Hazlett, and many many more. He has put a lot of work into these videos and has hundreds coming. We have been filming these together along our travels. He has a paysite coming soon, but if you are just dying to see some of the awesome clips, you can buy them now. You can’t go wrong with hard spanking, hot models, spanking icons, and great quality. We shoot in HD and edit to the best possible quality we can. Through my teachings, Paul has learned Final Cut Pro and lots of editing techniques. I am very proud of my daddy and hope you will too. Here are some stills from some of the videos currently for sale.

2 thoughts on “Spanking 101 Clips

  1. Mike

    love the new clips store love seeing those spanking clips mostly one where you top and gave out the spanking bet there alot of you naughty girls who need be spanked lol i sent you an email about setting up spanking session with you my e-mail address is


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