My Birthday Spanking in Florida

Well, Daddy and I have been in Florida since February 1st. We started our trip staying with Galas and her Boyfriend in Miami and shot some great spanking content. Then we drove to West Palm Beach to our hotel. My Birthday was Sunday the 5th, so we spent Saturday and Sunday shopping. We went to the Fort Lauderdale Swap Shop on my actual Birthday and it was so fun. Daddy didn’t have as much fun as it was hot out and he didn’t want to wear sunblock….so he got burn on his face and head. He also got a new book and almost finished reading it as I shopped there. We were happy to find a few good toys for spanking there. I got some cute clothes from the inside booths that ae new stuff. On the 4th we went to Fetish Factory and I got some great new latex clothing and some other fetish wear. On my Birthday after the swap shop, we came back to the hotel, took a nap and then went to dinner. I wasn’t too impressed with the restaurant, but I still had fun. It was kind of annoying that the Super Bowl was on my Birthday…but that is life I guess. Though being from New England I was very disappointed in the Pats. We filmed my Birthday spanking when we got back and then took some photos of me after. It actually hurt really bad as I hadn’t played much since I had been doing a lot of shooting and there was not much time. However our first night while at Galas’s house, Daddy and I filmed a short video as well. Here is my Birthday spanking with some photos. My next blog post will include more details on the spanking shoots and some stills from them.

7 thoughts on “My Birthday Spanking in Florida

  1. AK

    Hi Sarah
    I love the pictures, I love the red butt,and a great
    video.Glad you are having a great time, you deserve it.
    Take care

  2. tim

    Sarah very nice vid and a belated Happy Birthday to you lovey ,your new outfits are great you are a lucky little girl.,love and spanks ,Timxxx

  3. Chief

    Happy belated birthday, Sarah!

    I was away at a ski resort freezing my nuts off in temperatures of -5f (-20c) brrrrr… and my partner’s birthday was on the 7th (but we had a nice meal!)

    Hope to work with you again one day 🙂


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