New Photos

I am super excited about the new photos I have added to my portfolio taken by Michael Vincenzo. They are on my fetlife too, but i also wanted to share a few of my faves here. Enjoy.

By the way…did I mention I love my blonde hair. Don’t worry for those of you who don’t, it seems I change hair color with the wind…

8 thoughts on “New Photos

  1. BlueMark

    Sarah, it seems that you have covered all the natural hair colors, are thinking of going for something bright and not brown, black, red, or blond next time? {grin}


  2. AK

    Hi Sarah
    The photos are beautiful , you are a photographer’s
    Also Happy birthday have a great day.

  3. Mark Byrnes

    Thankyou Sarah Image No5 in that Red Dress is a brilliant reminder when boy’s who were corrected with the cane were sent back crying and she looked at you saying “The cane is for boy’s just like you” ..THANKYOU .

  4. An Ro

    Love your work. Loved especially your Christmas video. You have a great voice — have your recorded anything else, a CD or in a video? Thanks. An.

  5. Martin

    Hello Sarah. I’m brand new at this. Just saw your picture in the erotic enema blog. You were laying over a couple of pillows while being spanked. Wonder if you could show taking an enema that way? Love being positioned with pillows!


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