New Year and lots of plans

Sorry I haven’t blogged since, well, since Christmas….spank me for it. I have been very busy making lots of shooting plans for the New Year as well as performing in non-spanko musical theater. January has pretty much been filled with vanilla theater stuff and I am having fun playing a leading role in one of my favorite musicals.

February will be filled with lots of travel and shooting. I leave February 1st for Florida. I will be shooting there with Galas and Whitney Morgan for my spanking website. I will also be doing sessions and some other paid fetish shoots. My birthday is February 5th, so Daddy and I will have fun celebrating my birthday in the heat of Florida instead of the cold winter I am in now. I will be sure to film my birthday spanking for all of you to see.

Then after Florida, I have one day to rest, get my hair done, and re-pack in between and I am off to the West Coast. I will be staying with Kat St. James when I arrive. I will be doing some shooting there and she is nice enough to offer to drive me into L.A. for some other paid work I picked up. I will also be doing sessions while staying with Kat, so inquire if you would like to book one by emailing me at Then after staying with Kat, I am going to stay with Clare Fonda, not for shooting, but just to hang out and have fun girl time together. I miss her and it will be nice to see her again. We always have fun going to thrift stores too….I will have to ship more clothes home, I know it…I always do. After staying with Clare, I am headed out to Monterey to see my Momma, Dana Specht. I am so excited to be going out to stay with her. We are gonna have lots of fun and work as well. We are booking double spanking sessions while I am there, so if you are interested in this, contact her via her website, I will be there from Feb 19-24. Momma and I have so many ideas for some great shoots.

5 thoughts on “New Year and lots of plans

  1. Mike

    can we also see you give someone your birthday spanking as well as you getting your birthday spanking. and why havent we seen clips or pic of your spanking session

    dont worry not being able to blog i understand your one busy gal and have vanilla life that normal you live and you spanking model dont get spanked alot and regular human like rest of us

  2. Jim

    I love spankos who can act! What are your favorite musicals? What part did you play in “non-spanko musical theater?”


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