Lots of new Sarah Gregory Spanking updates

So, I have been working on the website almost non stop for the last week. I have edited lots of new photos and videos. The last three videos to go up live on the site are a video starring me and Miss Chris called, “Teenage Shoplifter.” This video has some great mother/daughter banter and really hard spanking. Click on the photo below for the free gallery.

Another new video stars me and Kyle Johnson. This is a fun video and was filmed very recently in August. I love role play and playing characters. So, we had a lot of fun with this one. It is called, “The Biggest Brat in Bedrock.” There will also be a sequel to this one coming soon which includes Kat St. James. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her today by the way!!!!

Enjoy a preview video clip.

The third new video just posted this week is called, “Mama Clare Takes Charge.” It stars non other than the lovely and talented spanking model, Clare Fonda. She has also been one of my idols in the spanking scene since I started, so to have her on my website is very exciting. We shot this video over labor day weekend at the Shadowlane Party in Vegas. I don’t have a free gallery yet, but there are some photos from this in my previous blog post and here are a few more.

and a preview clip

The next video to come n September 27th, 2011 on www.sarahgregoryspanking.com is a favorite of mine. It was shot back in April when I had red hair. I will introduce a lovely model named Leila Hazlett to the spanking scene.

She is has a great body, cute face, and can take a hard spanking. We enjoyed working together so much that she is coming back again this winter for more. So there will be lots of her to come. Here are some stills for the upcoming video, “Leather is for Lovers.”

17 thoughts on “Lots of new Sarah Gregory Spanking updates

  1. John

    Hi Sarah,

    You never disappoint. As a member of your site I can attest that the new releases are great.
    Please…please…have more of you and Miss Chris. The hard spanking scenes you endure with her are great and I hope to see her spank more of you in the near future.
    Can’t wait to see the scene you shot with Leila.
    Again it looks like another winner.
    But. For me there is only only one favorite person I like to see spanked…and that’s you.
    Love the web site and I always check daily for the blog updates.
    Thanks for taking care of your fans.


  2. JT


    I know you love being a switch. I’m glad to see you’re having some fun on the otherside of the knee. Hopefully switching increases your desires to be spanked as well.
    That being said you still rein as the best submissive to be spanked. I would love to see you in Leila’s position being spanked by a mature such as Sandra Locke or Miss Chris in a full nude scene.
    “Kudos” to you and the beautiful girls you bring to your site.
    For this member no one holds a candle to you when it comes to the female I want to see get disciplined.
    Love you…

  3. AK

    Hi Sarah
    The preview video’s are very nice, you and Clare
    make a great team.I love to see you both spanked,
    you two have great butts.
    Take and keep smiling
    Love AK

  4. Mike

    sarah u do awesome job everytime i see pic of you or video make me want expereince a trip over your knee to get special sarah gregory spanking and want find out if u really spank hard and see if u got good at dishing them out

  5. Mike

    thanks tony how would you know lol have u been spanked by her? i still say seeing and feeling a spanking from her might be differnt. i am so challengeing her to give me hard spanking lol

  6. Mike

    damn tony iam jealous of you to have been spanked by sarah and gotten spanking from, her. iam jealous iam jealous lol

  7. Alexis Steele

    “The dishes don’t have legs!” Outrageously funny. I say throw the EM Effer’s away. Never mind washing them. 🙂

  8. tim

    Sarah you got big spanks as a naughty student ,bet other members of staff would like to treat cheeky ones like that ,love and spanks ,tim xxx


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