Spankings in Aruba

Well, I know it’s been a long time since I posted, but my vanilla life has taken priority since I have gotten back from Aruba, and I am sorry for not blogging.

Well, as some of you may know I was on vacation in Aruba for the first week of October. It was a really relaxing and fun week. We did shoot some spanking videos of course, but for the most part, hung out on the beach and at the pool.

It was my second time on this lovely island and I hope to go back again someday. There were 4 of us on the trip, me, my daddy, Kat, and another friend I will refer to as K, or should I say vanilla K, as he was the non spanko there. Enjoy some more photos from the trip.

This one was taken in our room. I wanted to show off the tan that I really didn’t try to get. I wore a lot of sun block, but the sun was so strong.

Me and Kat shot a bath tub video for my website. It is called, Pay the Price, and it premiers this week Here are some stills.

6 thoughts on “Spankings in Aruba

  1. Doug

    Lovely photo on the sofa. A tan where you didn’t want one, but not tanned where you like to be. But I’m sure that will be taken care of soon!

  2. SBA

    Very sexy indeed. I think all of a woman is sexy, so that’s both T&A. The naked spankings in the tub look amazing, especially with the tanlines! It’s a good job you weren’t sunburnt 🙂

  3. elguapo1

    Coming from a musician who was working on the island at the same time, seeing these pics brings back great memories!!! Hope you had half as much fun as I did!!!!! 😉


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