Shadowlane prep and more news!

Well, I am trying to answer and respond to everyone’s comments, so on the last two posts I have done just that.

I have also been busily getting all my website updates done through the beginning of September as they are on auto update when I am not home.

This week see two of the videos I filmed while in England. Spanked at Dawn features me, Amelia Jane Rutherford, and Paul Kennedy, and Revenge is a Dish Best Served Hot features me and Pandora Blake. Here are some stills from them along with a free Gallery!

Free Gallery from Spanked At Dawn!

Yes I got to Cane Pandora…how exciting!!!

I wanted to get them done through the Shadow Lane party weekend so I can enjoy the party without being on my computer every night. I will have enough to worry about with scheduling sessions, shoots, and play time not to mention organizing for the Vendor’s fair. Which brings me to my next point, I have some questions that came to my mind after struggling to make DVD sales at the last few parties.

1. What makes a good DVD for purchase? What are you the buyer looking for? (length, how hard of spanking…etc?)

2. How much variety do I need? I mean I have about 20 titles now.

3. How often do I need to produce new content on DVD?

4. If it is on my website will people buy a DVD of it instead of joining or in addition to?

5. Why have DVD sales been down? Are they just not popular anymore? Economy? People would rather spend money on toys?

6. Are prices too high ($25 for one, $40 for two, and $50 for three DVDs)?

7. Do people prefer compilations of a few shorter videos to make a longer DVD or longer titles with one video on the DVD, such as a 45 min video?

In addition to selling my DVDs at this fair, I will also be selling many of the implements and toys from the Sarah Gregory Cane-iac collection and some other cute items such as tee-shirts that say spank me and stuff as such, and another surprise.

Here is a promo video I did with Pandora Blake in England for one of the cane-iac items.

I have also been doing some updates in my clips4sale store as well as creating a new clips store to be announced soon!

And a piece of totally awesome exciting news. I will be filming once again for my second time with Shadow Lane after the party..YAY! Kat St. James and Tom Byron will be in the shoot with me.

10 thoughts on “Shadowlane prep and more news!

  1. Fuzzy Duck

    Hi Sarah as with anything people look for VFM (Value for money) got to be seen to be getting more for less. having seen many of your videos and they are great but maybe compilation dvd’s with be a good idea for example.

    Sarah Gregories totally naked spankings

    Sarah Gegories Cheerleader spankings

    Sarah Gregory in REal Discipline

    that sort of thing maybe 3 to 5 different scenes on a dvd. Extra are always good people love bloopers, interviews and behind the scenes.

    Hope this helps

  2. BlackVelvet007

    I think you’re ready for a “Best Of” Compilation from the 20 dvds you have now.

    How often do you need to produce new content? As often as possible of course 🙂

    I do think from a business sense that dvd content and website content should be exclusive of each other. the fans will come for both.

  3. John


    Both previous comments have some great ideas.
    A ” Compilation” dvd is usually a good seller, especially for new Fans who want to view your various shoots. As a business person myself you do have to take the current economy into consideration. I think the website is your better
    investment. I am a Member and it is phenomenal site. You do a “GREAT” job updating and organizing each clip and gallery. The downloads offers immediate content and that is the current trend in the media and the buying public. It’s a “Now” generation even in a slow economy.
    Would not recommend doing bloopers either in dvd or on your site. Keep your content as a situation or a scenario, that is what the fans (existing and new) will gravitate toward. What ever you decide please know that you are awesome and fans like myself will continue to support your ventures and decisions.


  4. Phred Phriendly

    Sarah, I think what makes a “good” DVD is dependent on the individual buyer’s taste, but there are a few common themes. One is the question of whether or not the DVD is a good value. This has nothing to do with cost but instead is dependent on the buyer getting what they expect and want. The DVD should be of sufficient length (at least 30 minutes) and should contain good, realistic spanking scenes. Your DVDs meet both of these criteria.

    Regarding variety, you seem to have a good variety of themes right now but since you have about 20 DVDs out you need to guard against repetition and “staleness”. I don’t have specific suggestions but would just recommend that you keep striving for variety in your settings, characters, and plots. Be willing to try new interpersonal relationships in your stories and ask yourself “Has this been done before?” If so, how can you do it better so someone will want to purchase the DVD? If not, how can you present it in a manner that really thrills the consumer?

    How often do you need to produce new content? As often as you can! Consumers thrive on the newest, “latest and greatest” products so you should always strive to keep the shelves full of fresh merchandise. This isn’t to suggest that you work yourself to the bone in sweatshop conditions cranking out DVD after DVD but you should always keep an eye on sales and be aware of when it’s time for more new products.

    Like another poster above mentioned, I’d recommend you keep your web and DVD content separate. You run the risk of cannibalizing your sales by making the same content available in different formats. Create scarcity so the customer has to go to different venues (and spend the money!) if they want to get all that you have to offer. Then, as an artist, the onus is on you make it worth their while by producing a great product (which you do, BTW!).

    It’s hard to say why sales are down. Sure, the current state of the economy has something to do with it but people are still willing to spend money on something they really want and that they perceive to be a good value. I think DVDs are still popular. At spanking party vendor fairs you are generally dealing with people who have a finite amount of money to spend so it’s important to market your product as best you can. I think there probably is some truth to your statement that some people would rather buy toys at a party instead of DVDs. Perhaps there is a sense that a particular toy is a “one-of-a-kind” that they just HAVE to buy now as opposed to a DVD that they can order online at anytime. Again, marketing yourself and your products is the key to capturing scarce vendor fair dollars.

    Your pricing is fine. As one who has purchased your DVDs at a vendor fair, I’d say your DVDs are a great value and a good deal price-wise. Resist the temptation to lower your prices in an attempt to spur sales. Countless marketing studies have shown that consumers generally perceive products that are more expensive to be “better” and you want to give your DVDs and products a certain cachet. Ever notice when a store like Sears or an electronics store has an entire store, “everything 50% off sale!” there is usually an asterisk and some fine print somewhere that says “Does not include BOSE or Apple products” and maybe a few others? Those manufacturers don’t want to discount their products because they have spent years building up their brand and pricing integrity and consumers are generally willing to pay whatever those particular manufacturers ask. Don’t sell yourself short.

    Regarding what type of DVD people prefer, I think an earlier poster had a good idea when he suggested you make a “best of” compilation DVD in order to provide a sort of sampler for those unfamiliar with your work. Then, keep producing a variety of DVD types, i.e., some with longer stories and scenes, some with a couple of shorter ones, etc. By doing that you should appeal to all tastes.

    There you go Sarah! You asked so I responded! LOL. All of this is just my opinion, of course, so take it for what it’s worth!


  5. Mike Q

    Some ideas for your questions: Good story lines, I think most fans like to see situations where one girl gets spanked for doing something wrong, like denting the others car, forgetting to pay a bill, etc, her spanking comes with a good scolding. Then the spankee turns the tables on the spanker, when she does something wrong. Usually the 2nd spanking is a little harder & with implements. Another thought is a older girl spanking a younger one & vise versa, this could be incorporated into the above idea. Seeing a older girl over a younger girls knee is somewhat a turn on. Keeping your website current & updated timely will keep fans tuned in. I feel 30 min is a good length, sometimes videos drag on, keep them moving, different positions, implements, scolding also helps. The prices you mention seem fair, if you shorten the length, you may think about reducing the price a little. Hope this helps…

  6. Jack

    I only buy girl/girl OTK, but the severity has to be much harder than the Cane Iac promo.
    There is very little out there anymore other than weak stuff, which is why I rarely buy.
    Price is not an issue.

  7. tim

    Sarah your site is great value your updates are nicely on time girl girl spankings are my favourite ,love and big spanks from your pal tim in u.k. xxx

  8. JeffS

    Agree completely with the earlier posters that DVD content should be exclusive all or in part. I have a video server hooked up to my TV, so I watch computer video on the TV just as easily as I can watch a DVD. And if I can get the content quicker and/or cheaper thru a site membership, I have zero incentive to buy a DVD and wait for mail delivery.
    I’m not sure if you could cite higher quality video on the DVD as one sales pitch, but honestly the site video quality is great – looks fine thru HDMI on my 42″ plasma. So kudos to you there.
    I see a lot of sites doing this same sort of content separation with their site and their downloadable clips, not DVDs – but it’s the same concept. Clare Fonda and David Pierson/PB are two that spring immediately to mind. I’ve had memberships at both of their sites (as I have at yours, which I loved), but I’ve also bought a couple dozen Clips4Sale clips from each that were exclusive to that channel because I was so enticed by the description/preview that I had to have them.
    I know you’re expanding your selection @ Clips as well – maybe that should be your focus rather than DVD expansion.
    Understand that it’s good to have something physical to sell F2F at an event, but maybe that’s where you offer compilation/themed DVDs. Perhaps with say four scenes – three shorter ones from your website and a fourth longer one which is never going to be on the site, but is on the DVD (and maybe also available for individual purchase on the Clips site?)
    I also think it’s a good idea to offer longer-form videos (30-40 minutes, multiple scenes but a single storyline) exclusively on DVD. You need an imaginative storyline (and decent acting) but you certainly have both of those covered. To me, the DVD format just seems to lend itself to that sort of longer storyline. You might tease 5 minutes of a scene on the website and the Clips site, but no more than that – and see if that would drive sales.
    If you had exclusive content all or in part, then I think your prices are more than fair. But if I can choose between paying $25 for one DVD with 3-4 scenes, or buying a month’s membership for $25-30 and getting those 3-4 scenes plus dozens more, I know which way I’m going.
    Good luck to you in Vegas and with your future marketing – I’ll continue to support you (albeit mostly online.) And interesting news about your planned shoot! Can you tell us whether you guys are topping Tom, or is he topping you?

  9. mike40

    sarah keep up the good work i hope fidn myself over your knee or any female friends knee for a good spanking from you or them. and i seen the video you posted up above it good one you do look strict. you must enjoy handing out spanking meaning your cute butt get to rest not one getting spanked

  10. John


    Plain and simple. Keep your money and focus into your web site. It’s one of the best out there and the pricing is right. Just as you have…keep your efforts on the site and promo of that venue. DVD’s will be a thing of the past with downloads. That’s becoming quite apparent. Perhaps offer some” special buy” shoots on the site?
    Love ya,



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