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Spanking Sarah Gregory

Spanking Video Updates on SGS and Momma!

November 22nd, 2015 · No Comments

As promised, Amelia Jane Rutherford as a naughty schoolgirl was just released on Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Amelia has been called to Headmaster Osborne’s office for defacing the bible. How dare she do this to such a sacred text? She is properly chastised before being taken over the knee for a hard spanking. She is then made to kneel on the bench for a traditional school caning from her very disappointed headmaster.

Amelia Jane Rutherford

Spanked Bottom



Red Butt

Amelia Spanked

And on Momma Spankings is a special video that is also a promo for The Lone Star Spanking Party that I run.

Mommy is very disappointed when she is folding her daughter’s laundry and comes across a teeshirt with the words “Lone Star Spanking Party Houston” on it. When she confronts Sarah, she is told lies that Sarah knows nothing of this. When the truth finally comes out, not only has Sarah been attending, but she runs this party. Momma Dana is appalled at this. Sarah claims she is a “top” but Momma says, today she will be bottom and get a very hard spanking on her bare bottom with hand and hairbrush for attending this party and for telling a lie. Sarah cries in pain at this punishment and she is one sorry little girl.


Dana Specht Spanks Sarah Gregory

Sarah Gregory


Sarah Spanked

Hairbrush Spanking


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Miss Chris Spanking Sarah Gregory!

November 13th, 2015 · 4 Comments

Today on Momma Spankings I bring you a hot F/f spanking film. Miss Chris is one of the top disciplinarians and I feel very honored to be featuring her quite a bit now on Momma Spankings. She delivers quite a good spanking and can really scold as well. Expect to see lots more of her playing mom. This week my updates is Bikini Bottom Blistering.

Sarah is being a stuck up little brat. Mom is waiting for her spoiled daughter to get back to the hotel room as it is time to check out. Sarah is taking her good old time at the pool trying to get a nice tan. When she gets back to the room, mom is very upset. Sarah continues to have attitude with mom until she earns herself a spanking from mom over her skimpy bikini and then on the bare bottom. This isn’t exactly the kind of tan Sarah was hoping for







Coming Next week to Sarah Gregory Spanking is Naughty School Girl Amelia Spanked by her disappointed and strict Headmaster in a traditional schoolgirl discipline film.



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10th – We Love our Lurkers Day!!!!

November 13th, 2015 · 8 Comments


Come out, come out, wherever you are! Once again it’s time for all lurkers to declare themselves.

What is a lurker?  Well, basically a lurker is anyone who stops by and reads, but doesn’t comment.  So, if you’ve read here before, but have never said hello, or if this is your first time visiting, this post is for you!

Love Our Lurkers is just a time for those of us who blog to let all our readers know that we so appreciate you and it’s an invitation for you to say hi, comment on something, ask a question, etc.  If you’ve never done so before it may seem scary, but I promise you, it’s really not.  If you do it once, you may find yourself doing it again and again.  And maybe you’ll even start blogging yourself!  No, really, that’s how many of us got started.

Some options if you’re feeling uncomfortable … you can comment anonymously if you like or you can pick a name for yourself and create an email specifically for commenting on blogs or you can send me an email instead (the address is on the left hand side of the page).

I definitely appreciate all those who stop by and read here, whether you comment or not.  But for those of you who haven’t said hello yet, I wish you would, at least in response to this post.  I would love to “meet” you!!!

For more information about LOL Day 10 and a list of all participating blogs, I invite you to visit our good friend Hermione. Thank you!


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Redheads with Red Bottoms!

November 12th, 2015 · 2 Comments

There are two new films out on the sites, each starring a very talented and spankable Redhead. On Sarah Gregory Spanking, Maddy Marks is spanked by me in “Sorority Girl Punishment.” For those of you who have been members of my site, you may have noticed I have been doing quite a few films in the genre of Sorority Girls. It has been a secret fetish of mine for awhile and I am have been working on what I call, “Sarah’s Sorority’s Series.” I have shot at least 10 films so far for this series. Previously released have been, SORORITY SLUT SHAMING, starring Mandie Rae, LILY’S INITIATION SPANKING, starring Lily Swan, and PANDORA’S INITIATION, starring Pandora Blake. Look for more HOT sorority spanking films on Sarah Gregory Spanking in the future. For now I am sharing with you HOT Redhead, Maddy Marks.

Maddy’s grades are slipping and she won’t be able to stay in the sorority if this continues, so Sarah gives her some extra motivation. Sarah takes poor Maddy OTK for a spanking over her panties and then puts her on all fours for a bare bottom paddling and spanking.


Sarah Gregory Spanks

Spanking Redhead Maddy Marks

Red Spanked Ass

Spanking girl


Another very spankable redhead is Melody Nore. See her getting it good from Miss Chris on Momma Spankings in Melody’s Serious Punishment. I love working with Melody because she is a true spanko lifestyler. She LOVES pain and we love to give it to her.

This video was for a real life incident in Melody’s life. I asked her to come up with the video idea and she decided to do something real. This actually happened in her life and she felt that she should have been punished, but never was until now. Melody had gone to a party in college, drank too much, and had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital. The next morning Mom confronts her about her irresponsible behavior. After some well deserved scolding, mom punishes her with a HARD spanking.


Miss Chris Spanks Melody Nore



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The MOST Severe Spanking

November 9th, 2015 · 1 Comment

This Week on Sarah Gregory Spanking, I bring you the most severe spanking film I have filmed to date. It stars the beautiful Angel Lee and dominant and handsome Johnny Lake.

 Angel put her life at risk. In this real life discipline film, her good friend Johnny deals with this. After some scolding that pretty much has Angel in tears, it is right to the bare bottom for an OTK strapping. Then Angel is made to stand up for the wooden paddle and finally the cane. Her bottom marks up and welts severely as she cries. She is one sorry little girl.





Horrific Paddling

Severe Caning

tearful punishment

This was filmed last July at Crimson Moon. Angel got LOTS of aftercare when we were done with the video. She was happy she did it and said it really helped her.

Here is a FREE Spanking Video Clip from the film.

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This weeks Fabulous Spanking Videos!

October 20th, 2015 · 1 Comment

This week I bring two awesome Female/Female Spanking films to you where I am the top. On Sarah Gregory Spanking I spank Casey Calvert and on Momma Spankings, I spank Alice Michaels. The video with Alice is a Halloween special as I had her wear a sexy Girl scout outfit. It is called, Slutty Daughter Spanked and Diapered. This was my first time diapering someone and I quite enjoyed it. I expect to be doing some more of that. How I love to humiliate a young girl…hehe. I can be so evil at times.

Alice thinks she is going to get away going to her friend’s Halloween Party dressed like a slutty girl scout. Mommy won’t have this. Alice has non-stop attitude with mom to the point of not only getting a hand spanking, but a hairbrush across her already sore red bottom. When she is STILL acting like a bratty child, mom puts a diaper on her and continues to spank her for added Humiliation. If she is going to act like a child, she will be treated as one.



Sarah Gregory Spanks Alice Michaels

Spanked on Diaper


On Sarah Gregory Spanking I spank Casey Calvert in Lying Babysitter. This is not a particularly hard scene, but it is very sexy and Casey’s reactions are very nice. Her bottom turns a lovely shade of pink and I very much enjoyed that. Any fans of Casey will not want to miss this one.

Sarah is very upset when she finds out that her babysitter has had company. Casey tried to lie her way out of it, but with nanny cams, Sarah knows she is lying. The rules were no company and Casey broke this rule and lied about it. Casey wants to keep her job, so she agrees to some corporal punishment over Sarah’s knee.


Sarah Gregory Spanks Casey Calvert

Hairbrush Spanking


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New Spanking Updates and news

October 16th, 2015 · 3 Comments

We have some amazing new videos on The sites. On Sarah Gregory Spanking see the Lovely Adriana Evans in Sleazy Stripper. This was a super fun video to film, well I always love filming Adriana. I will be filming her later this month in fact.

John is getting a lap dance from sexy stripper, Adriana. He is shocked when she tries to steal his wallet. He threatens to tell management and get her fired. She doesn’t want that, so she agrees to do things his way. This entails an over the knee spanking on her bare behind as well as a humiliating spanking in the wheelbarrow position while she jiggles her big bouncing behind for his enjoyment.

Spanked Stripper

Adriana Evans

Humiliating Spanking



On Momma Spankings I introduce super cute Rosie Ann. She is a young and upcoming spanking model from the UK. She has also appeared on Triple A Spanking and Sarah Gregory Spanking.

Rosie is having a bath and mommy has asked her repeatedly to get out as it is time for bed. Finally mommy has had it with her disobedient daughter and grabs her, pulls her out of the tub, drags her to the bedroom, and throws her over here lap for a spanking. Rosie cries in pain as mommy spanks her wet bare bottom with hand and hairbrush.

Sarah Gregory spanks Rosie Ann

Spanked with Hairbrush

bare bottom spanking



Adriana Evans also appears on Triple A Spanking in on of the best videos I think, called Spanked, Soaped, and Strapped. She did a video earlier in the year for Momma Spankings with Miss Chris and they had such good chemistry that we had to have them do another one together for Triple A.

Lots of raw emotion, power struggles, defiance, severe punishments and their consequences. This could have been a straight forward punishment for Adriana Evans, but her big mouth got her into trouble with Miss Chris in no time at all. Representing the school away from home was a big responsibility so when Adriana had been caught in the hotel gym doing provocative exercises in front of others she was sent to Miss Chris to be dealt with. In no time Adriana was spanked over her tight gym pants but rather than leave the matter there she continued to fight back and her pants were pulled down so the spanking continued on her bare bottom. Then she swore, she continued swearing which infuriated Miss Chris so much that she marched her to the bathroom for one of the most intense mouthsoapings ever caught on film. You will be blown away by the anger, the emotion, the defiant struggle as that soap washed away Adriana’s filthy tongue time and time again! Eventually Adriana realized she wasn’t going to win and the final part of her punishment saw her take 50 strokes of the leather strap. 

miss chris spanking Adriana Evans





In other news, I am gearing up for lots of exciting shooting later this month with Amelia Jane Rutherford, Joelle Barros, Dana Specht, and as mentioned above, Adriana Evans.

I also just got back from Houston where I had an amazing time with my daddy. We filmed super cute Alice Michaels and there will be a new Halloween special coming to Momma Spankings later this month with her.


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