On the recovery

I got home from California yesterday and went in for my surgery today. My dad snapped this photo of me in pre-op. See, what a good attitude I had as scared as I was. I know, not the usual type of photos I post, but this is the real me right now.

I am in bed now and heading to my mom’s tomorrow to recover for a week or 2. I hope to make it to Shadow Lane, but not sure how much I will be able to play, shoot,  or do sessions, might just be able to hang out, vend, and sleep…lol. I wanted to be there at least.

I will do more blog posts about my time on the West Coast as soon as I am feeling more alert and up to it.

xoxo, Sarah

19 thoughts on “On the recovery

  1. Sarah Fields

    good luck with recovery! surgery is never fun.. i had one a few months ago.. the worst part was the stupid i.v….. i HATE needles!

  2. CurtisG

    Hope you recover swiftly. Have met you at Jules’ parties and, I think, in Florida. Won’t be at Shadow Lane and you shouldn’t be unless you’re pretty fully healed. But I hope that goes swiftly and as painlessly as possible.

  3. Doug & Dana

    Thinking of you and wishing you a quick & smooth recovery. We’re sure you’ll bounce back soon. Geez sweetie, you even look adorable in that hospital photo, as we’re sure all your many fans will agree! Take care now.


  4. AK

    Hi Sarah
    Get lots of rest at your moms,and take your time
    getting back to work.I agree with Doug & Dana you
    do look adorable in your hospital gown and cap.
    Keep smiling
    Love You

  5. Mike39

    hope you feel better Sarah surgery does suck.did anybody know who you were at the hostipal. even if you cant play at shadow lan iam sure people would understand. you can just do other thing there like you mention

    you can cheer on the person spanking your spankee friends lol or tell them to spank them harder and etc… anything you can think of lol

  6. Spenser

    Boobs done?! Sarah’s WAY too smart to mess with perfection! The only “body work” the lovely Miss Gregory needs is the occasional “hand-painting” of her perfect derriere.
    I hope whatever you’re having done goes as smoothly and painlessly as possible. Recover soon!



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