Spanking Video Updates on SGS and Momma!

As promised, Amelia Jane Rutherford as a naughty schoolgirl was just released on Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Amelia has been called to Headmaster Osborne’s office for defacing the bible. How dare she do this to such a sacred text? She is properly chastised before being taken over the knee for a hard spanking. She is then made to kneel on the bench for a traditional school caning from her very disappointed headmaster.

Amelia Jane Rutherford Spanked Bottom



Red Butt

Amelia Spanked

And on Momma Spankings is a special video that is also a promo for The Lone Star Spanking Party that I run.

Mommy is very disappointed when she is folding her daughter’s laundry and comes across a teeshirt with the words “Lone Star Spanking Party Houston” on it. When she confronts Sarah, she is told lies that Sarah knows nothing of this. When the truth finally comes out, not only has Sarah been attending, but she runs this party. Momma Dana is appalled at this. Sarah claims she is a “top” but Momma says, today she will be bottom and get a very hard spanking on her bare bottom with hand and hairbrush for attending this party and for telling a lie. Sarah cries in pain at this punishment and she is one sorry little girl.

liar_liar_panties_on_fire_00019 Dana Specht Spanks Sarah Gregory

Sarah Gregory


Sarah Spanked

Hairbrush Spanking liar_liar_panties_on_fire_00182

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