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So, I have not posted in awhile for 2 reasons. Firstly, the wordpress application that  my blog with was not working since I switched hosts, so my web guy fixed it for me. Also, I have had some health issues. Turns out I need surgery, but they are letting me wait til after my California and Chicago trip because I am not willing to give them up. I won’t be able to stay in L.A. as long as I was going to, but at least I get to go. I will be shooting for Clare Fonda, Spank Sin, Spank That Brat, and with a whole bunch of other people for my website. Just to name a few, Alicia Panettiere, Katherine ST. James, Kyle Johnson, Mike Billa, Paul Rogers, Cassandra Park, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Sin, and possibly Tasha Lee.

I am flying out this Tuesday to Chicago to attend the Crimson Moon party. I won’t be able to do as much social playing cause of my health issue, but I will still try to get in as many shoots as I can. Then after the party, I fly out to L.A. to do more shooting. Then back home mid-August. Not sure if I will make it to Shadow Lane either, it depends on how fast my recovery is.

In the mean time I have been doing more shooting with some new models for my website. I just did a spanking shoot with a girl named Krystal Star.

She is not a spanking model, but sh has done some work in the adult world and some bondage videos. At first she was kinda shy about spanking me and saying, she didn’t want to hurt me…how sweet…but I said don’t worry. Eventually she spanked me nice and hard, not as hard as I can take, but hard. We did a video called “Spanked Stripper” and parts 1 and 2 are on my website this week.

And I spanked her

I have also been doing a few fun photo shoots for my upcoming fetish website, The Fetish Princess. I am doing this website as a joint project with one of my photographers and the owner of the photo studio I shoot at. It will be mainly photos with some bondage videos.

8 thoughts on “Sarah News

  1. Andrea

    Dear Sara, you are very beautiful, and the photos you posted in your incoming website are very sexy!

    Although it might seem a bit unrealistic, I would like to see some spanking of yours where you are naked 😉 Would that be possible?

  2. AK

    Hi Sarah
    I hope it is nothing to serious, and I am sure you
    will come through the surgery just fine. It sounds
    like you are going to be a busy girl in California,
    just don’t get to tired and stressed out.
    Take care
    Love you

  3. BlueMark

    Best of luck with your surgery. Hope it solves the problem and your recovery is swift!

    First Pixie has health problems and now you….I wonder if it’s something in the paddles….{grin}


  4. TIM

    Sarah sorry to hear about your health hope you have not over done your spankings ,enjoying your website of spanks ,your meeting with young cameron shoul be nice ,love and spanks from tim xx


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