Spanking travels part one

Well, the first stretch of my trip is now over. I spent the first few days with THE one and only Chelsea Pfeiffer. We had such a great time together. Whether we were shooting spanking videos, talking, watching movies, trying on shoes together, or just joking around….we never stopped having a good time. She is truly one of my best friends. We did 4 scenes between the few days I was there. One of them is now available on Chelsea’s spanking site, Good Spanking. It is called Injury to Insult. I had a lot of fun playing this part being a Celtics fan and all and her being a Lakers fan. What a perfect scenerio, especially right now with the play-offs going on.

“Chelsea loves post season basketball, especially when her favorite team is in the finals! She treated Sarah to a ticket in the corporate box, but Sarah was unappreciative of the gift and spent the entire game texting friends and getting embarrassingly drunk in front of all of Chelsea’s colleagues. Now, there’s a price to be paid and Chelsea’s exacting it on Sarah’s behind!”

I also got to see what a lot of Chelsea’s implements felt like. One of the nights I stayed over, we watched Legally Blonde, and then went through her drawer of spanking toys. I was like “Can you try those on me?” She sat on a pillow and I layed my body over her lap, bottoms up, and she went form implement to implement. What a fun time. She even gave me a Paddle Master Green Butterfly paddle for my collection. I have some cute ideas for spanking scenes with this paddle.

It was also fun to have a quick dinner with Clare Fonda.

I got to catch Clare up on how my website is going and she seemed very impressed. She said my site is a good mix of traditional family spankings with some romantic scenes mixed in as well. I really appreciated her feedback as Clare was one of the first people I reached out to in the business. Sometimes I cannot believe that I have my own site as when I was a teen I was going online and checking out Dana Specht, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Tasha Lee, and Stephanie Locke and now I have them on my website. I want my scenes to have so many details because my fantasies sure did. Clare was also impressed with how many updates I am giving my members. I felt that because when I first opened, I didn’t have a whole lot of videos up for the newest members, I want to thank those who stuck around. I am now updating EVERY DAY with video. I am going to be putting up daily videos for the first few months so I can build lots of new and diverse content. So, as Clare said, “wow, your members are really spoiled right now!” It is a lot of work with the editing and uploading, but it is worth it to me to build up my member base and have happy members. I am really having fun with the whole project. I don’t know of a lot of 26 year old women who run their own website independently. I add a new episode every week, and then mix in clips from previous weeks to spread them out a bit. I then will always put up the full video at the end of all the individual parts.


6 thoughts on “Spanking travels part one

  1. Chelsea Pfeiffer

    I had a great time with you, too, Sarah! And also, you were there for me when I had some bad news and you let me cry on your shoulder. Now THAT’S a good friend. It was good not to have to be alone that night, too, when Larry had a band gig and had to go. We had fun, instead of me being sad. So thanks!

  2. april

    Sarah…..It sounds like you had a great time, and from Chelsea’s post seems like you really helped her get through some tough times. Take Care

  3. AK

    Hi Sarah
    Sounds like you are having a good time on the west coast.And your site is very impressive , I am really
    enjoying seeing naughty Sarah getting a red butt.
    Stay save and have fun
    Love you

  4. tim

    Sarah yes you have good content on your site have been a member from the beginning of it have you considered a vid of sister rivalry means spanks of course ,love and smacks from tim xx

  5. mikep38

    bet u wouldnt spank us hard if we dont vist your site lol you have very nice site and u are so beautiful. good to know you and chelesa are friends. too

  6. Sarah Gregory Post author

    Chelsea- I am so happy that I could be there for you. You are a good friend too. You always let me stay with you when I need a place and am out there, thanks.

    april – Yes, I did. Thanks. And thanks for reading my blog and commenting. I love comments.

    AK – I am so happy that you are enjoying my site. It seems I only get emails from people not enjoying the site, so it is nice to hear that there are people who love it.

    tim – I actually have a video like that filmed where Kat and I are sisters. It is coming later.

    mike – yes I would….heehee


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