Boardwalk Badness weekend continues…

My second day/ night at the Boardwalk Badness weekend was really fun. I slept in til about noon as I was up late the night prior getting spanked.

I started off my day with a yummy breakfast delivered to the room.

I went out and did some errands with my new friend, Joe, after lunch.

I found some cute bras and panties, of course.

I guess there were some pretty cool skits in the morning that I missed, so you will have to hear about those elsewhere. Then in the late afternoon it was back to the room to get ready for the fun filled night of events.

The first main event was dinner. I with Jules and Coach Tanner and told them what a wonderful time I was having at their party. I was also mentally preparing to open the Spanking American Idol with a song, Nasty Naughty Boy, by Christina Aguillera.

Our judges sat at their table ready to judge the competition. Each contestant would bring with them a person who would be taking the spanking if they got voted that way, the robo-spanker was used to dish them out.

Richard Windsor (as Simon) Pixie (as Paula) and Miss Chris and (Randy)

The Lovely and stern Dana Specht performed and she did an amazing job, stopped midway through to deliver a spanking on stage before continuing the song, what a performance Dana..woot woot!

I had to have a photo of all the main people involved in the hosting and judging. (isn’t it a cute photo?)

My last photo before going to bed, Auntie Dana and her little Naughty Sarah 😛

I just want to say thank you to Jules, Miranda, and Coach Tanner, and the rest of the SSNY/PHILLY group who planned and put together an awesome full weekend of spanking fun!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Boardwalk Badness weekend continues…

  1. DrLectr

    what a great weekend. Hopefully your play by play update gets those that missed it jealous. Your breakfast looked amazing btw. mmmmm.

  2. AK

    Hi Sarah
    Looks like you had a great time, I wish I could have
    been there to hear you sing.
    I hope we get to see you model the new bra and panties????
    I will be joining your web site this weekend and
    from what I see so far I will not be disappointed.
    Take Care
    Love you


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